Jennifer Lopez may star in the NBC drama Shades of Blue, but she wants to make sure there are no shades of grey when it comes to her latest romance.

Yes, she is dating Alex Rodriguez. 

And, yes, it is pretty darn serious.

The former Major League Baseball player and the current Majorly Hot Piece of Ass have been dating for a few months now, going public with their relationship very early on.

The stars attended the MET Gala in New York City back on May 1 and Lopez even accompanied Rodriguez to Florida to spend time with the Yankees during spring training in March.

On Monday night, however, J. Lo made one of her strongest statements to date regarding A. Rod.

She shared the photo above on her Instagram account, included with it a heart emoji, a single word and a single acronym.

“My #MCM,” wrote the singer as a caption.

That would be Man Crush Monday, for all those readers not well versed in Internet Speak.

Last Friday, meanwhile, Rodriguez posted a different sort of photo on his Instagram page, bragging that he visited Lopez on the set of Shades of Blue and making it clear that he’s smitten as well.

“In the Heights #shades #midnight #harlee #mygirl,” wrote A. Rod, using the name of Lopez’s character as a hashtag

Appearing on The View in late March, Rodriguez spoke openly for the first time about his very attractive new girlfriend.

“We’ve been having a great time. She’s an amazing, amazing girl,” the ex-slugger told the hosts, adding that Lopez is “one of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met and also an incredible mother.”

Rodriguez also confirmed at the time that Lopez really is just a regular woman.

One might even label her as Jenny from the Block.

“She just likes simple things,” he said in this interview. “I mean, she’s a very, very simple person. Loves family. Is a great sister. Is a great daughter.”

Throughout his playing career, A. Rod often came across as a personality-free tool.

But he’s slept with Kate Hudson. And Torrie Wilson. And Cameron Diaz. And now Lopez.

Maybe he just has a big penis? It’s hard to say.

However, an insider tells Us Weekly that they definitely have big plans in life. Together.

“They’ve been talking about the future and, of course marriage has come up,” a source told the tabloid. “They aren’t making wedding plans, but they have been talking about their lives.”

Adds this insider:

“She hasn’t felt this way about anyone in a long time.”

We really can’t believe Rodriguez gets to see Lopez naked any time he wants.

But at least A. Rod and J. Lo provide us with one of the best couples nicknames in Hollywood history

Is it THE best, though?

Click around below and decide now!

Source: celebweddings