Little People, Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff welcomed their baby girl into this world on Sunday, September 10.

Since then, we’ve had a few updates about how Audrey and their adorable daughter, Ember Jean, are doing.

But while we’ve learned that Audrey’s mom is helping out, there’s been zero mention of Jeremy’s mother, Amy. And that has some fans concerned.

Ember Jean is 8 days old!

Audrey’s pregnancy seemed to last forever — and it did last beyond Audrey Roloff’s due date.

That’s not so unusual, though. Due dates are the results of very educated guesses, but each person and each pregnancy can vary significantly.

But we’re obviously so excited that the Roloff family has this precious new addition!

Not to mention that a lot of fans and viewers are hoping to see plenty of Ember on Little People, Big World.

Jeremy Roloff took to his Instagram story to reveal that his mother-in-law has been pitching in to help out.

We know that Audrey has been exhausted after giving birth and, since then, pretty much constantly feeding Ember.

(That’s pretty normal — some babies feed every hour or every other hour, day and night, for weeks on end)

So it’s fantastic that her mother can lend some assistance.

“So Audrey’s mom came over for a little bit to help, which has been just amazing. So I’m gonna run to the store and do our little list of errands, stock up on some stuff.”

First of all, it’s always great to see people crushing the stereotype of not getting along with their in-laws.

(Seriously, they’re your family and you presumably met them before getting married — if your spouse likes their parents, please don’t have an adversarial attitude about them)

Second of all, though, that help must be very welcome.

Obviously, the couple — who usually don’t balk at sharing anything and everything about their lives with social media — hasn’t been able to give updates as frequently as before.

They’re busy. Having a newborn is a lot of work.

(Having a baby of any age is constant work, actually)

But there’s been something missing from Jeremy and Audrey’s updates.

Or someone missing, we should say:

Amy Roloff.

This is Amy’s second grandchild.

Haters have slammed Amy Roloff for not posting photos with baby Ember (and for posting sponsored content instead), especially after she has posted so many pics with grandbaby Jackson.

A lot of fans are wondering what’s going on.

It could be that Amy hasn’t seen her granddaughter … which would be a huge difference from her hands-on grandmothering with Jackson.

And, as fans speculate, that could be a problem that the couple has with Amy … or some sort of inexplicable disinterest on Amy’s part.

But let’s consider other possibilities,okay?

One is that, maybe, Jeremy and Audrey have asked that only they share photos of Ember initially.

(Note that we don’t have any close-ups of Ember yet — some parents wait a while for things like a newborn’s coloring to clear up before sharing pics)

So it’s entirely possible that Amy, who has posted her happiness about Ember’s birth and congratulated her son and daughter-in-law in a public post, has photos but is respecting their wishes and not sharing them yet.

Maybe Jeremy only got a chance to share that his mother-in-law was helping out while running errands and hasn’t had a chance to give his mom a shout-out because he’s had his hands full.

So … let’s not speculate too wildly, okay? There are plenty of possibilities.

Source: celebweddings