For reasons that we’re not completely clear on, there’s been a wealth of speculation surrounding Jessa Duggar’s second pregnancy.

And we don’t mean “boy or girl? What will she name it?” speculation.

We mean “rumors that Jessa’s due date is a lie designed to manipulate fans and boost ratings” speculation.

Perhaps having caught wind of this latest weirdness, the Duggars posted a brief pregnancy update on their official blog today.

Beneath side-by-side photos of Jessa’s fist and second pregnancies, the Duggars had this to say:

(Warning: Possible spoilers for Counting On Season 4 beyond this point.)

The photo on the left shows Jessa in October 2015 when she was 36 weeks pregnant with Spurgeon Seewald, and the picture on the right is how she looks now.

“Spurgeon will be 15 months old when the new baby arrives. Jessa and Ben are keeping the gender of their unborn child a secret, like they did with their first pregnancy.

“Do you think they are expecting a boy or a girl? Do you have any name suggestions?

As instructed, the Duggar faithful proceeded to offer their predictions in the comments section.

Most seem to be of the belief that Jessa is having a girl, but that seems to have less to do with pseudo-science about the shape of her belly, and more to do with the belief that the Duggars wouldn’t be holding this side-by-side guessing game if the they already knew that the hid is a boy.

Anyway, the rumors about Jessa misleading the public about her due date seem to have died down, which is great, because they made no damn sense to begin with.

But we suppose that’s the problem with making your living off major events in your personal life like weddings and births.

People will always suspect you of manipulating the truth in order to maximize potential ratings.

According to today’s blog post, Jessa is due on February 2.

If all goes according to plan, we’re sure a delivery special will be ready to air on TLC by February 3.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for the big day.

Source: celebweddings