According to one of her most recent social media updates, Jessa Duggar was 34 weeks pregnant two weeks ago.

We’re no mathematicians, but by our calculations, that makes her about 36 weeks pregnant now.

The average pregnancy lasts 40 weeks beginning from the day of the woman’s last pregnancy, though the date of conception is usually about two weeks later.

All of this is a very long, unnecessarily scientific way of saying Jessa’s due date is fast approaching.

In all likelihood, it’s still several weeks away, but there are some fans who believe Jessa may be just about ready to pop, despite what she says on social media.

This theory seems to be based on little aside from the fact that Jessa concealed her second pregnancy from the media for most of her first trimester.

We’re not sure why that would lead fans to believe that she actually got pregnant even earlier and kept it a secret even longer, but hey – our motto at THG is we report the nonsensical rumors, and you decide if they’re total BS.

Okay, we guess there is one other thing adding to the speculation, which is the fact that Jessa hasn’t posted anything on Instagram in four days.

We know what you’re thinking:

Who the hell cares?

And we believe you’re absolutely right to think that, but there are others who believe that Jessa’s absence from the ‘Gram is evidence that she’s already given birth to a little brother or sister for Spurgeon.

We imagine its name is Pubert, or something similarly horrendous.

The Jessa pregnacy truthers point out that Jessa usually posts on social media about once a day.

They reason that her lack of selfies this week must mean that she’s already surrounded herself with hay and farm animals in a three-walled manger, or however the Duggars prepare to give birth.

Obviously, this is a bit of a stretch, but it’s worth noting that Jessa and her female family members do tend to be pretty secretive about their pregnancies.

We guess you don’t have much choice when 100% percent of your income comes from a reality show that’s centered entirely around weddings and births, and you’re not not allowed to get divorced.

Source: celebweddings