Now that Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are married, Duggar rules say they’re free to do whatever they want with each other (so long as it’s done in the name of procreation). 

But recent episodes of the Duggar’s reality series have taken place before the wedding, and we’re beginning to learn a bit more about the weeks leading up to the nuptials.

In the past, there’s been controversy over Jinger and Jeremy violating “courtship rules” prior to their marriage.

At the time, the talk was largely dismissed as tabloid chatter, but now we know that the Duggars themselves spent some time talking about Jinge and Jer getting a little too handsy.

On last night’s episode of Counting On, Jessa Duggar commented on Jinger and Jeremy’s “affectionate” behavior in a way that smacks of 

“Jinger and Jeremy are much more ‘huggy’ and affectionate, but to each their own.”

“To each their own,” says a woman who believes that everyone reading this is going to hell for like 87 million different reasons.

This is like when someone says, “I don’t mean to be offensive, but…” and then says something completely offensive.

You can’t just tack a half-assed dismissal onto the end of sentence to negate the passive-aggressive smack talk that came before it.

If Jessa really didn’t care about Jinger and Jeremy’s “huggy” ways, she just wouldn’t have commented at all.

Also, “to each their own”?

Is Jessa super woke in terms of her gender-neutral pronoun usage, or did she just skip homeschool that day they learned about grammar?

We’re leaning toward the latter, but hey – to each her own.

Look, obviously we could care less if Jinger and Jeremy swapped partners at a 70s-style key party before they got married.

We’re just calling out the Duggars for some of their most blatant hypocrisy to date.

This is the same family whose repressive approach to sex ed gave the world Josh Duggar.

Now that Jinger has been caught violating the rules they’ve been drumming into their kids’ heads since they were born, it’s all good because the guy is a preacher and his name starts with “J”?

Not hard to see why Jessa is a little salty about the situation.

You would be too if your first kiss was on your wedding night because your parents are insane, but they let your sister off the leash because they like her boyfriend more.

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