Last month, Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth in a surprisingly secretive ceremony.

Usually, the Duggars aren’t quite so clandestine about their nuptials.

In fact, news of past Duggar weddings was pretty much shouted from every rooftop in Arkansas.

This time around, the Duggars even posted a fake wedding registry for Joy-Anna online in an effort to throw fans off the trail.

So why was Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding shrouded in such secrecy?

Why, because a new season of Counting On premieres tonight, of course!

Yes, now more than ever, the Duggars are reliant on weddings and pregnancies to bring viewers back to their reality show, which has seen its ratings decline steadily over the past two seasons.

Joy-Anna and Austin shared certain details on social media, but fans will be forced to tune into tonight’s premiere in order to get the full run-down.

And naturally, the rest of the family is in full-blown promo mode at the moment.

Earlier today, People magazine published a transcript of a scene from tonight’s episode in which Jessa Duggar gushes about her soon-to-be-married younger sister and.

“Being here in the bridal suite while all the girls are getting ready, definitely takes me back to my wedding day,” Jessa says in the episode.

“It makes me reminisce about all the sweet memories just hours before my own wedding. I know the excitement that Joy is experiencing right now; the anticipation. It’s a big, big day.”

Jessa goes on to describe Joy-Anna’s mindset in the moments before saying “I do”:

“Joy is just staying relaxed, she’s not getting worked up,” she says.

“She’s just focusing on one thing at a time and getting ready … before we know it, the wedding will be here.”

And Jessa’s not the only one feeling nostalgic.

It was just a few months ago that Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, but Jinge is already fondly reflecting on those days like she’s the old lady from Titanic or something:

“It really does seem like it was just yesterday that Jeremy and I were walking down the aisle and about to get married,” she says.

“I just can’t believe it’s Joy’s time to kiss. I still remember her as the little girl that I would help out with things … it’s crazy that it’s her wedding day, but we’re so excited for her.”

“Joy’s time to kiss” is kind of a creepy description, but our creepiness tolerance is pretty high when it comes to the Duggars, so we’ll let that one slide.

We will say that someone should shoot Jessa and Jinger an email reminding them that Jana Duggar exists.

It can’t be easy to hear your younger sisters gush about how it’s finally time for your even younger sister to start her life while you’re still cooped up at the compound helping to raise your small army of siblings.

But hey, this is the life she’s chosen.

Yes, we just quoted The Godfather in reference to Jana Duggar.

Jana is gangsta and we refuse to back down from that stance.

Watch Counting On online in order to get caught up in time for tonight’s premiere.

Source: celebweddings