Remember when Jessica Simpson appeared on Ellen this past May?

And she rambled about her marriage and her hobbies and even her sexual past with women and everyone thought it was oh so very funny?

But what if it were very serious? What if it were indicative of a substance abuse problem for which Simpson needs professional help?

This is the assertion being made by an In Touch Weekly insider, who tells the tabloid that, as straightforwardly as possible, that the star “has a problem” with alcohol.

The magazine cites an incident that took place on September 19 when Simpson could barely stand up straight upon leaving the Los Angeles restaurant Craig’s.

Photographers captured the 37-year old losing her balance on the sidewalk that evening, literally held up by husband Eric Johnson.

We’ve all been here, of course. We’ve all thrown back one too many drinks on occasion and wondered what the heck we were thinking as we reached for the Advil the following morning.

But this wasn’t a one-time, harmless occurrence, according to anonymous friend of the singer’s.

“It’s been occurring on a frequent basis lately,” this friend tells In Touch of  Simpson, alleging that Jessica mixes booze with anti-anxiety pills and adding:

“The combination [of alcohol and medication] makes her loopy and disoriented.

This dangerous habit has supposedly grown worse in the wake of her father’s cancer diagnosis late last year.

Johnson is concerned about his wife’s behavior and possible addiction and has reportedly tried to discuss the issue with Simpson.

But she hasn’t been receptive to his critiques and/or advice.

“They’ll fight about Jessica’s drinking for a few days and then apologize to each other until it happens again,” this same magazine source explains.

At one point, Johnson allegedly even tried to stage an intervention for Simpson.

Alas, it never materialized.

“Eric just deals with it now,” the insider says, elaborating as follows:

“Of course he’s embarrassed, but there isn’t much he can do. Jessica can be really stubborn and if she doesn’t want to do something, no one can make her.”

This isn’t the first time Simpson’s supposed drinking problem has been raised as an issue.

Two years ago, Johnson urged his wife to check into a rehab facility in order to sober up.

Following an appearance on HSN in which Simpson came across as totally wasted, Johnson put his foot down, sources claimed in September of 2015.

“He is worried sick that Jess’ conduct is going to start affecting their two children and that their oldest is starting to realize there’s something wrong,” we wrote back then.

You can see the appearance in question above.

Said another tabloid insider shortly after this embarrassing incident:

“She can’t be in denial any longer about the toll that her problems have taken on her marriage, her children, and her money.”

Fast forward two years and…well… she apparently can be.

Of course, accusing someone of a drinking problem is a pretty big deal.

We can’t say we have first-hand knowledge of Simpson’s situation here.

All we can say is that she has two kids and IF there really is an issue that has to be dealt with, we sincerely hope she realizes what’s most important as a mother and seeks the assistance she needs.

We’re rooting for you, Jess.

Source: celebweddings