With each passing day, Duggar fans grow louder in demanding a Jinger Duggar pregnancy announcement. We don’t know when it will come. Some fans don’t know if it will come.

In the mean time, Jinger still wears pants with her husband’s blessing, as you’ll see in two new photos below. This time, though, her fashion choices caused fans to ask some questions.

And who better to talk women’s fashion than … Jeremy Vuolo?

Jinger Duggar, as a family “rebel,” continues to be a little divisive among Duggar fans.

Most conservative Christian families would be delighted at a woman who gets married right away to a conservative Christian man — without having premarital sex or any of the other, you know, things that most humans do.

And sure, plenty of Duggar fans applaud Jinger for getting a husband who has a few theological differences with her father …

(Of course, one of those differences is that Jeremy Vuolo thinks that the fundamentalist Duggars aren’t harsh enough against gay people, which … is a pretty extreme view)

… and who allows her to wear pants.

Other Duggar fans, however, continue to freak out whenever they see her wearing the devil’s leggings or whatever they think that pants are.

Jeremy Vuolo shared this photo of Jinger — again wearing pants, and included the caption:

“Standing outside Tenth Presbyterian Church where the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice pastored for 32 years. He was a remarkable gift to the church as a whole and is one of my and @jingervuolo’s favorite authors.”

Boice was a conservative theologian noted for his devotion to the Christian concept of Biblical Inerrancy.

Fans were less curious about dead religious thinkers and more about Jinger’s shoes.

Fan comments were, though harmless compared to some of the hate that Duggars get on social media, definitely fashion-oriented.

“Those shoes are giving me life! I need them in my life!”

(Kind of weird to see phrasing by Duggar fans that you’d expect to hear on, like, RuPaul’s Drag Race)

“What kind of shoes does she have on?”

It was Jeremy Vuolo who responded, lending his fashion expertise to identify the shoes as “Converse Chuck’s wedges.”

(For those interested, the full name of the shoes is Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Lux Wedge Sneakers, which is a ridiculously long name for a line of sneakers)

Odd to hear anyone looking to a Duggar daughter as a fashion icon or trendsetter though.

Under this photo, Jeremy Vuolo used a quote for his caption:

“‘A true wife is the husband’s better half, his flower of beauty, and his heart’s treasure. In her company he finds his earthly heaven; she is the light of his home, the comfort of his soul.’ ~ C.H. Spurgeon”

Spurgeon was an 18th Century conservative theologian. He was a diehard Baptist who was also a noted abolitionist.

Comments here were also less interested in religious doctrine or quotes about marriage, and instead commented on Jinger’s choice of clothing:

“OMG they let her wear jeans.”

(The “they” is literally just Jeremy Vuolo … we’ll get to that in a moment)

“Omg Jinger you are STUNNING!” another fan wrote. “Those jeans look so nice on you!”

That second compliment was a nice way of addressing the jeans-wearing without sounding ignorant.

The first … well, if you keep up with the Duggar daughters on their adventures in adulthood, it can be frustrating to read comments from people who think that Jim Bob’s allowing this.

Under the particular brand of Christian fundamentalism to which Jim Bob adheres, his daughters may not wear pants … until they are married off, at which point they are effectively the property of their husbands and their husbands can make those kinds of choices.

Jeremy Vuolo has stated that he doesn’t believe that Jesus saves people to make them wear skirts, which sounds like sound theological reasoning to us.

Source: celebweddings