Jinger Duggar is trolling us, y’all.

She knows that fans of her famous family want nothing more than to hear a pregnancy announcement in time for the holidays, but like Kylie Jenner, Jinger is playing this one close to the vest.

And yes, that’s the one and only time you’ll see a comparison between Jinger Duggar and Kylie Jenner.

Rumors about Jinger being pregnant began circulating the same week she exchanged vows with husband Jeremy Vuolo.

Of course, pregnancy rumors always make the rounds immediately after any Duggar pregnancy.

And in the vast majority of cases, they turn out to be accurate.

But Jinger is a rebel, and her defiance of her parents’ belief system goes well beyond her decision to wear pants.

Jinger recently became the first Duggar woman of her generation to be married for an entire year without announcing pregnancy,

But it looks like fans might soon receive the news they’ve been clamoring for.

“Sugar and spice. Think about it,” Jeremy captioned the above photo.

Naturally, fans of the couple immediately seized the opportunity to jump to conclusions:

“Girls are made of sugar and spice. You’re having a baby girl,” wrote one eager follower.

“It’s a girl!” commented another, who really cut right to the chase.

Other fans were more skeptical, and they make some pretty good arguments to the effect that Jinger is not, in fact, expecting:

“If it was a little girl, she certainly doesn’t look big enough to know yet even though I hope so.”

“Sugar = lollipops, Spice = Jinger,” wrote another, who may have just blown this case wide open.

We’re beginning to think this “pregnancy” announcement was actually just an attempt at humor of Jeremy’s fault.

So we wouldn’t get your hopes up too high, Jinger boosters.

But it’s worth noting that Jeremy’s comment definitely qualifies as … a dad joke.

So make of that what you will.

We’ll certainly keep an eye on the situation for you, but for now, it looks like Jinger and Jeremy are content to remain a family of two.

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Source: celebweddings