Shortly after she married Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar relocated with her new husband to Laredo, Texas.

Jinger’s the first of the Duggar girls to leave Arkansas, and she’s openly discussed the difficulties of living so far away from her massive family.

Fortunately, once they’re married, Duggar women are allowed to use social media, so Jinger is now able to connect with her beloved sisters through technology like the Millennial like that she is:

On Friday, Jinger posted the above throwback photo of herself with older sister Jessa Duggar, and predictably, fans couldn’t get enough of it.

She tagged the photo simply, “Best friends forever!”

Obviously, all of the Duggar siblings are close with one another, but in a family that size, it’s only natural that certain pairs would enjoy special bonds, and it seems Jinger and Jessa have been besties since way back.

These days, of course, Jinger’s Instagram page is under a microscope due to rumors that she’s pregnant with Jeremy Vuolo’s baby.

Fans have been on the hunt for a Jinger Duggar baby bump pretty much from the time she got married, and many believe it’s plain to see from her recent pics that the 23-year-old is expecting.

Even an innocent throwback like her most recent post is enough to prompt speculation.

Some fans believe it’s Jinger’s way of remaining active on social media while not posting any recent photos of herself.

Others believe Jinger is feeling sentimental and longing for home now that she’s soon to be starting a family of her own.

But most are able to appreciate the pic for what it is – a simple expression of sisterly love.

“Is that Jinger?!?! Jessa, you haven’t changed a bit!! Y’all are so adorable!” wrote one fan.

“You guys look absolutely adorable,” commented another.

Yes, “adorable” was the word of the day on Jinger’s Instagram.

She may be new to social media, but the girl knows how to give her fans what they want.

Well, kind of …

What they really want is a pregnancy announcement, but it doesn’t look like she’ll be giving in on that one any time soon.

Guess they’ll just have to take what they can get for now.

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