Ever since she got engaged to Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar has shown herself to have something of a rebellious streak. 

We mean “rebellious” by Duggar standards, of course, which means that she occasionally defies her father in the most mild fashion imaginable, and only if her soon-to-be husband gives her the okay.

If you watch Counting On online, you know that Jim Bob has some misgivings about Jeremy and Jinger’s courtship.

First we learned that he’s concerned that they’re moving too fast.

(On this week’s episode we learned that Jinger may have shared those concerns at one point.)

Jim Bob’s also concerned that Jeremy won’t be able to support Jinger on his “modest pastor’s salary.”

(JB’s not on the same page as JC when it comes to that rejecting material wealth crap.)

His biggest concern, however, might be that Jinger will relocate to Texas once she and Jeremy get hitched.

Though he’s originally from Philadelphia, Vuolo currently resides in Laredo, and Jim Bob has made it clear that he’s not cool with the idea of Jeremy whisking Jinger away to border country.

Given his views on a man’s role within his own family, one would think that Jim Bob would leave the decision up to Jeremy, but it seems JB is a fan of the patriarchal hierarchy only as long as he’s top dog.

Jim Bob is opposed to the idea of Jinger and Jeremy even getting married outside of Arkansas (We assume it’s cheaper and easier to plan a wedding/produce a television special on the Duggars’ home turf.), but it looks like that’s a battle he’s already lost.

Jinger posted the above photo on the Duggar’s official Facebook page earlier this week.

She captioned the pic:

“At the hotel on a wedding planning trip. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful sisters to share this process with.

“Since we have done a few already, we got the hang of it! 😉 #wedding #planning #blessed”

Jinger doesn’t explicitly say that she’s in Laredo, but clearly her planning took her far enough from home that she needed a hotel room.

And since Laredo and Tontitown seem to be the only options on the table, it doesn’t take a quantum leap of logic to arrive at the conclusion that Jinger is within a stone’s throw of the Rio Grande.

So how does Jim Bob feel about her decision?

We’re guessing not great.

How will he express his disappointment?

Why, with tight-lipped smiles and the occasional passive-aggressive comment, of course!

It’s what Jesus would do.

Source: celebweddings