For the most part, the Roloffs are as open as any family on reality television.

Ever since welcoming their son into the world last month, for example, Zach and Tori Roloff have shared numerous photos of their baby, while also talking at length about his dwarfism.

Then there’s Audrey Roloff, who is due to give birth in September and who has been keeping fans well apprised of her growing baby bump on a nearly weekly basis.

Heck, even when Jacob Roloff quit Little People, Big World last summer, he did so in candid and honest fashion, confessing that he believed the show (and even members of his own family) to be phony and fake and scripted.

All of this is a rambling preamble to bring up Molly Roloff.

She’s on perfectly good terms with her parents, Amy and Matt.

But she’s scarcely seen on their TLC reality show.

And while we know that Molly is engaged, and we even know when she’s getting married, we know very little about the man to whom she’s set to get married.

Just who are you, Joel Silvius?

It is believed that Joel met Molly when both were undergraduate students at Whitworth University.

They currently live in Spokane, Washington, which is where Whitworth is located and which is many hours away from Molly’s family’s farm in Oregon, which mostly explains why she never appeared on Little People, Big World any longer.

It’s simply a matter of logistics.

Silvius will exchange vows on August 5.

They are registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond, along with Crate & Barrel, asking for such items from the latter store as white salad plates, blue serving bowls and other things listed below:

Joel asked Molly to marry him last December.

It’s unknown exactly when the two started dating, but there are photos on Instagram of Silvius and Roloff that date back to 2015.

It’s also pretty clear that Joel gets along very well with his future in-laws.

Just consider the following photo and the caption Amy Roloff wrote underneath it on December 22, 2016:

My baby girl. My best birthday gift ever (we share same bday) My Molly girl… is home for Christmas AND she is engaged to be married. Woohoo! So happy for her.

Joel is one lucky man to capture her heart. Yes he’s a great guy. Love Love her forever & always #secondact #shesgettingmarried #mybabygirl #awedding #mollyandjoel

Little People, Big World will return with new episodes in September.

We doubt we’ll see Molly or Joel on any of these Season 14 installments. They value their privacy and we respect that, of course.

But we do hope a few of their loved ones share a few wedding photos this summer. We’d love to see the bride and groom on their big day!

And we wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness, of course.

Source: celebweddings