Since Full House premiered in 1987, everyone with two eyes and a television has wanted to marry John Stamos. Fortunately for the 54-year-old dreamboat but sadly for everyone who isn’t Caitlin McHugh, that’s John Stamos’ decision to make.

Well, he made his choice, and got engaged to Caitlin McHugh in 2017. The couple is also expecting a child together, which makes them doubly blessed.

Well, there’s even more good news about this beautiful couple, folks — they’re now, officially, married!

It’s not really a surprise that John Stamos promosed to Caitlin, his adorable and much younger girlfriend who is living the dreams of countless fans.

After all, it wasn’t that long ago that John Stamos helped a fan pop the question because he’s an absolute prince.

(In that case, it was really the man’s girlfriend who was a big Stamos fan — too big of a Stamos fan — and John Stamos bestowed his blessing upon their engagement)

For his own proposal, Stamos used a little Disney magic to set the right atmosphere for Caitlin McHugh.

He announced his success on Instagram.

“I asked … she said yes! … And we lived happily ever after.”

Now, admittedly, the “lived happily ever after” line might be a bit premature.

Because, obviously, they haven’t gotten there yet.

But the engagement was followed by some other wonderful news.

John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh are having a baby!

The decision to have a kid came about really naturally and rationally — the two share the same morals and values, which is a good starting point for any relationship, but especially for prospective parents.

They figured that they’d do well with a kid. And then it was Caitlin who liked the idea of going ahead and conceiving a child before the wedding.

Why? Because, well, John Stamos is … old. And she said as much, because they have a healthy relationship.

But good-natured ribbing aside, these two stunning human beings have tied the knot.

Entertainment Tonight reports that John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh got married on Saturday.

The venue was simple but beautiful, at Stamos’ home in Beverly Hills.

At the wedding, the couple’s outfits were fairly traditional even though the location was not.

Both the gorgeous groom and the beautiful bride posed for photos with friends and family members in the backyard.

Though the newlyweds are clearly head-over-heels for each other and enjoyed a Superbowl party the next day (so it’s perhaps not your typical honeymoon), there was a bit of bad news.

Caitlin McHugh’s room at the Beverly Hills Hotel was, unfortunately, burglarized.

It was Friday, the day before her wedding, and someone stole $165,000 worth of jewelry.


it appears that no suspect has been identified or captured. Investigators aren’t even sure of how they entered the room in the first place.

Some might callously suggest that John Stamos, whose net worth is estimated to be around $40 million, can easily replace what was lost.

Sure, he has the cash. But not all jewelry is replaceable — heirlooms and other items may have sentimental value that can’t simply be matched by a dollar amount.

Neither insurance nor a rich new husband can totally negate an invasive loss like that. It’s a little scary that someone was able to enter her room like that at all.

But she’s married and has a baby on the way. That is, ultimately, more valuable than any volume of jewelry.

Or, at least, more than $165,000 worth of it. Let’s be real.

Source: celebweddings