JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers do not seem concerned about the past.

Has there been talk of Rodgers as a stone cold cheater? Have there been scathing rants aimed in his direction from an ex-girlfriend?

Yes, absolutely.

But whatever. Pishaw, Fletcher and Rodgers are basically saying. They have an eye on the future.

Specifically, Fletcher and Rodgers are focused on their wedding… although there appear to be more questions than answers over the impending nuptials right now.

Entertainment Tonight chatted with The Bachelorette star and her winning suitor last Friday at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, pumping JoJo and Jordan for wedding intel.

There wasn’t much to reveal, however, except for Fletcher admitting that her future mother-in-law is as curious about the big day as those who saw this couple fall in love on ABC this year.

“Oh my gosh,” Fletcher said. “His mom has sent me so many wedding books!”

That’s pretty normal behavior the mother of a groom.

Especially when her other son is struggling on the football field. (NOTE: This interview with JoJo and Jordan was conducted prior to Aaron Rodgers throwing four touchdown passes in Green Bay’s 34-27 victory over Detroit on Sunday.)

“My mom is on it!” Rodgers added.

Do Fletcher and Rodgers have anything planned at all?

A venue? A date? A guest list?

Nope, nope and nope!

“It’s where and when. We don’t know,” Fletcher confessed, adding that the couple’s split family in California and Texas has made it hard to come up with any definitive plans.

That’s par for nearly any wedding course, however.

Many couples have potential guests living across the country, yet they’ve been able to successfully plan a wedding.

Might JoJo and Jordan’s concerns and hesitations be symbolic of larger problems? Might the lack of any concrete plans signify an issue in their relationship?

One of the most polarizing couples to ever come out of this ABC franchise, there’s been talk that Fletcher is about to ditch Rodgers.

Both have shot down breakup rumors on numerous occasions, and they hint here to Entertainment Tonight that perhaps they are just holding out for a different reason:


Namely, the opportunity to save a bunch of it and make a bunch of it by getting married on television.

“I think it’s definitely a question,” Fletcher said of exchanging vows on some kind of ABC special, adding:

“But right now we’re just really enjoying being together. You know, it’s funny, we got to be together on the show, but we haven’t really dated. So this has been such a fun time to move into our first home together, and to go on dates…

“It’s been a few months now.

“Going through normal life together, going through hard times, good times, just normalcy is really amazing. We’re enjoying it and having a blast.”

Before you scoff at JoJo and Jordan getting married on TV… before you chalk this up to a money grab and a clear sign that the two aren’t really in love… remember:

Molly Mesnick married Jason Mesnick on television.

And that may be the most normal, successful, happy Bachelor or Bachelorette couple in history.

Source: celebweddings