Give Jordin Sparks credit:

She doesn’t make celebrity gossip headlines very often.

But when she does, the former American Idol champion sure makes major ones!

In this case, Sparks has actually made a pair of major headlines:

  1. She’s married!
  2. She’s pregnant!

Heck, we didn’t even know she was seeing anyone.

According to People Magazine, however, Sparks got married to Dana Isaiah in mid-July after having met the 25-year old a just few months earlier.

In pursuit of a modeling career, Isaiah moved to Los Angeles earlier this year and was placed in touch with Sparks by his mother after she was introduced to the singer during Super Bowl week in Houston.

The pair quickly bonded over their close families and strong Christian faith.

They talked and texted often, but didn’t actually meet until Easter Weekend.

“A couple days after we had actually met, I was like in my head ‘That’s going to be my husband! That’s my husband right there,'” Sparks tells People, adding:

“When I’m with him, I feel comfort and safety and calm and peace, and those aren’t things that I normally felt.

“So it was a little wake-up call for me.”

True to their faith, Sparks and Isaiah did not live together until they were Husband and Wife.

On July 16, the couple eloped while on vacation in Hawaii.

Only a small group of friends was present for the ceremony.

“It just more solidifies the whole team sentiment of a relationship,” says Sparks.

“You know you’re still individuals, but at the same time everything is about ‘we’ and ‘us’ as opposed to ‘you’ and ‘I.'”

Sparks, one of the more famous virgins in America, then received the shock of a lifetime in late August when she discovered she was pregnant.

The development came just a year or so after she swore off dating entirely following a few public romances and break-ups, most notably from Jason Derulo.

“I’d gone through a crazy time last year, so I was just like ‘You know what? I’m good. I’m going to stay single. I’m just not going to look,'” explains Sparks.

“It’s amazing that that phrase ‘When you don’t look for it, that’s when it comes’ … he just showed up at my door.”

Concludes the thankful star:

“I’m extremely grateful because life is nuts.

“This is the best part so far because I have [Dana] and I have this little one and I have a new family.

“I’m the most content I’ve ever been in my life.”

Source: celebweddings