Joseph and Kendra Duggar have some very exciting news to share.

Already having confirmed they’re expecting their first baby this year, the TLC star found a unique way over the weekend to announce the gender of this baby.

Were they feeling blue at the time?

Or pretty in pink?

This young Duggar couple made the reveal in an especially fun manner, as first reported by Us Weekly.

You see, Joseph’s brother, John David Duggar, is an Arkansas constable and part-time officer with the Tontitown Police Department.

This will soon become relevant, don’t worry. We’re not just bragging on his behalf.

Using his connections, John David organized a gender reveal unlike any we’ve seen before, using tannerite mixed with a certain color powder that would burst into the air once the explosive denotated.

(Do not try this at home, people. Make sure you have a professional standing by at all times.)

So… the Duggar family stood approximately 20 yards behind John David – who has undergone extensive firearm safety and weapons training – as he shot a bullet 200 yards into the substance, which is commonly used in target practice.

Blue powder subsequently burst into the air.

See a snapshot of the reveal below:

You know what this means, right?

Yup, a bundle of baby boy joy is on the way for Kendra and Joseph!

“Wow! We are so happy to learn that our firstborn is a boy!” the couple told Us Weekly, adding via statement:

“Our minds are already racing toward all the future memories to be made with this little guy!

“Most of all, we are already asking God to bless him and help us grow him into a loving and faithful follower of Christ!”

Along with the cute picture below, Kendra and Joseph were equally psyched when sharing news of the former expecting back in December.

This is what they said at the time:

“During this season that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, we are so excited to share with you that we are expecting the gift of a child ourselves! Wow, it’s so exciting!!!

“We’ve both always loved children and seen them as a real blessing from God.

“It’s so surreal to think of being parents and having our own little one. We cannot wait to see this new baby!”

Joseph is only 22 years old and Kendra is only 19 years old.

Even by Duggar standards, they are pretty young to become parents.

But this how members of the large family role, as anyone who has chronicled their controversial lives on television knows very well.

The two have known each other for a very long time, at least, having met in church way back when they were children.

Joseph popped the big question to Kendra at sister Joy-Anna’s wedding last May and then they got married in September at the First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

Making the event extra special?

They were married by Kendra’s dad, who is a pastor.

Speaking of Joy-Anna, meanwhile, she is also pregnant.

Based on her due date and her baby bump and rumors flying around the Internet, however, this pregnancy comes equipped with a built-in scandal:

Did she and Austin Forsyth have sex before marriage, make a child and then have a shotgun wedding?

Such shocking chatter refuses to die.

Either way, however, we send our best wishes to Joy-Anna and to Kendra for happy, healthy pregnancies and babies.

Source: celebweddings