For reasons that remain unclear, Josh Duggar’s four children remain in his custody.

Equally baffling is the notion that his wife, Anna Duggar, decided to have a fifth child with Josh after learning that she’s married to a confirmed sexual predator.

One would think that the most shameful member of the Duggar brood would at least have the decency to shun the spotlight, but Josh uses occasions such as his kid’s birthdays to remind the world that he’s still out there being terrible:

On Friday, Josh and Anna’s son Marcus turned 4, and as you can see, his father marked the occasion by reminding the world that the boy is in constant danger.

The blurry image above appeared on the Duggar family’s official Instagram page, and it’s the first time that the account has intentionally featured Josh in several months.

There was a time when the Duggars went to great lengths to keep Josh hidden from view, even adding sun spots and other obstructions in post-production, in order to keep him off camera on Counting On.

But these days, it looks as though the family might be gradually reintroducing Josh to the public … and many fans are understandably less than pleased.

When 19 Kids and Counting was canceled amidst revelations that Josh had molested four of his sisters and cheated on his wife, it was widely assumed that we’d never again see the Duggars on television.

When it was announced that the family would be returning to TLC with Counting On, fans were assured not only that Josh would not be making any cameos, but also that parents Jim Bob and Michelle (who helped cover up his crimes) would not appear on the spinoff either.

The Duggars broke that promise within months, and both parents are now series regulars.

Thus far, however, they haven’t dared to try and sneak Josh back onto television.

Sure, they’d be risking their brand by doing so, but if he continues to gradually make more appearances on Instagram, can TV be far behind?

Getting away with as much as the Duggars have can result in the sort of hubris that really knows no bounds, and it seems Jim Bob is feeling pretty invincible these days.

Watch Counting On online to try and imagine a world where Josh doesn’t exist.

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