Josiah Duggar has always seemed like the sweet, simple Duggar child, hasn’t he?

Or one of them anyway — with 19 different kids, there’s got to be some overlap in personalities.

But take this new interview that Josiah and his brother Joseph did with TLC for example. You’ll see what we mean pretty quick.

To start, the brothers are asked about their favorite moments from counting on, and Josiah says that he really loves doing all the weddings.

“I really enjoy just the whole wedding preparation,” he explains. “Just being behind the scenes and all the craziness of the family working together.”

“It’s hard, but we really enjoy working those things together.”

Cute, right?

But we have a feeling that the rest of the Duggars aren’t going to think Josiah is cute for much longer.

When asked how the show has changed their lives, dear little Josiah says that the show has “changed the way we live.”

For instance, “We walk through a door, OK, hey, we gotta walk through it again, we didn’t do it the first time.”

He quickly tried to correct himself with a “Life is normal” speech, but now we know that Counting On is staged to the point that they have to re-shoot people walking through doors.

And if TLC cares enough to worry about those minute details, how fake do you think the big moments are?

Watch Josiah’s slip-up in the interview below:

Source: celebweddings