Austin Forsyth married Joy-Anna Duggar last month in Arkansas, and we’re still getting more details on the biggest day of her entire life.

Emphasis on BIG. It’s the Duggar family after all.

The wedding, which will be chronicled in the very first episode of Counting On Season 4 June 12, took place at Cross Church in Arkansas.

Thanks to photos posted by the family, and a little sleuthing by The Ashley‘s Reality Roundup, we now know more about the May 26 event.

Joy-Anna had eight bridesmaids, but unlike her sisters – who had both family members and friends stand with them – it was family only.

Jill Duggar, her older sister and part of Joy’s “buddy group” (yes, the Duggars have 19 kids, so they have those) was Matron of Honor.

On top of Jill, Jessa Seewald, Jinger Duggar, Jana Duggar, Johanna Duggar and Jennifer Duggar were bridesmaids, along with two in-laws.

Well, one in-law and one future-in-law. Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, and Kendra Caldwell, Joseph’s soon-to-be wife, rounded out the party.

Guess Josh was invited to the wedding after all.

Austin, meanwhile, had a whopping 13 groomsmen at his wedding, and according to The Ashley, and those 13 varied greatly in age.

Joy-Anna’s wedding dress was a beautiful, lace-covered gown that included pieces of her mother’s wedding gown, and that’s not all.

The dress also featured portions ofher grandmother’s wedding gown and Austin’s mother’s wedding gown, a touching family tradition.

Austin wore … a dark blue suit. He’s a guy. His groomsmen did the same, along with gray, as the bridesmaids wore long, dark blue gowns.

The stage for the ceremony featured flowers and hay (really) hanging from the ceiling and decorating the floor in an outdoor-themed decor.

As for the cake, the dessert-loving duo chose a simple, six-tier white wedding cake trimmed in orange, white and yellow flowers. Delish.

As previously reported, Joy’s brother Joseph Duggar proposed to Kendra Caldwell, his girlfriend of a few months, at the wedding reception.

Kendra said she had no idea that Joe was planning to propose – “I’m so happy and so shocked,” she said – but Joy had given her blessing.

Joe didn’t want to upstage her, after all.

Following the wedding, Joy and Austin’s honeymoon is now underway, with the blissfully in love couple saying they will be gone for awhile.

The two have not revealed where they are honeymooning, but given that they’re wearing big jackets in photos, it appears to be chilly.

No tropical islands for these two.

That’s too bad for those of us hoping for a revival of Jessa Duggar’s swimsuit photo from a few years ago, but we’re glad they’re happy.

In a video posted to YouTube, Joy and Austin discussed how much fun they’ve been having and seem generally over the moon.

“We’re just loving the married life!” Joy-Anna gushed.

“It’s been such a blast so far!” Mrs. Forsyth added.

We can’t wait to see it play out on TV.

Click below to see what else we can expect when Counting On returns to TLC Monday night for what looks like an epic fourth season.

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