If you’re a fan of her family, then you’ve probably heard by now that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

The news came as a surprise to many as Joy-Anna is only 19, and she married Austin Forsyth just three short months ago.

(Incidentally, this is the first time a Duggar pregnancy has come as a surprise to anyone.)

Due to how soon the announcement was made after the wedding – and the fact that the Duggars claim to abstain from all forms of premarital sexual conduct – perhaps speculation that Joy-Anna got married out of wedlock was inevitable.

Now, a source close to the family has confirmed to Radar Online that even within Joy-Anna’s inner circle, there are folks who have some serious questions about the date of conception.

“The pregnancy was very fast,” the source says.

“I don’t see it being far fetched when you have such strict rules before marriage.”

Asked if Joy-Anna got pregnant prior to tying the knot, the source replied vaguely, “There is always a chance.”

In case that wasn’t obtuse enough, the “insider” then offered an answer that literally anyone on the planet could have given:

“I couldn’t give you a definite answer, but why not?” said the source, who were beginning to suspect was just a guy waiting at a bus stop.

Okay, so this particular insider wasn’t much help, but there is legitimate reason to believe that Joy-Anna got knocked up prior to saying “I do.”

For one thing, many have claimed that her wedding date was moved up several months without explanation.

On top of that, at least one doctor who examined recent photos stated that Joy-Anna seems to be 4 or 5 months pregnant.

Additionally, we know that Joy-Anna and Austin broke her family’s courtship rules – the young couple admitted as much on an episode of Counting On.

We just don’t know how far they went.

“We’re humans and sometimes we don’t always abide perfectly by our rules. We try. That was a real hard try,” Austin explained.

In all likelihood, the couple went no further than “front-hugging” (unmarried couples are only permitted to engage in “side-hugs” according to the Duggars’ rules), but as to quote the the family leaker, “there is always a chance” they did more.

Of course, given how carefully the Duggars guard their wholesome image, if the wedding really did take place in a shotgun scenario, we’ll probably never hear about it.

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Source: celebweddings