Before Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, the couple played fast and loose with the traditional Duggar rules or “courtship.”

And by that, we mean they sometimes held hands for longer than permitted and snuck in the occasional “front-hug.”

Pretty rebellious stuff by Duggar standards, people.

It may help explain why Jeremy, a former soccer pro from an eastern U.S. city, and Jinger’s dad Jim Bob Duggar butted heads so often.

So when Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth (above) announced their own courtship earlier this month, they immediately came under scrutiny.

All Duggar courtships take place under a heavily chaperoned microscope, of course, but this one is being watched especially closely.

Many have wondered if Joy-Anna will reap the benefits of younger-sibling-dom now that Jinger has greased the tracks for wanton hand-holding and denim-on-denim crotch contact.

Or will the opposite be true?

Sources are now setting the Duggar faithful’s minds at ease, assuring them that Joy-Anna will be held to the medieval standards of chastity.

And obedience, and subservience, and intense boundaries that have made the family a beloved freak show for 13 seasons.

In fact, insiders say Joy-Anna and Austin are moving at a considerably slower pace than Joy-Anna’s older sister.

Which is interesting, given that rumors about Joy-Anna and Austin began circulating before they made their official announcement.

The couple was spotted together at Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding, which is as close to a regular-person date as you can get.

It seems the Duggars are not only being more strict with Joy-Anna than with Hinger, but also waited longer to make the whole thing official.

This may the byproduct of several factors at the same time.

If you recall, the family was actually criticized for how quickly Jinger and Jeremy appeared to blow past the usual relationship milestones.

It could also be a result of the relationship between Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson – the rare Duggar courtship to end in a breakup.

Clearly, the family is taking no chances this time around.

Sure, Joy-Anna and Austin’s courtship will be televised.

It’s hard to even think about hanky panky (to use Jim Bob’s cringe-worthy description of a physical relationship) with a film crew trained on you.

You can bet that even if there were no TV cameras present, however, that these kids would be very closely monitored, and many of their interactions scripted.

Long story short … sorry, Joy-Anna and Austin.

It looks like Jinger and Jeremy spoiled the provocative party with all their lusty eye contact and borderline impure, rated PG-13 thoughts.

Don’t even think about getting too raw beyond the traditional side hug action … or doing any of the other stuff on this list for that matter:

Source: celebweddings