If you watched last night’s episode of Counting On, you bore witness to yet another Duggar wedding.

And a Duggar engagement.

Really, the only thing the episode needed in order to be Duggar-iest 60 minutes in television history was a birth and maybe a second coming.

Most of the season premiere focused on Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth getting married at one of those messive Southern churches with a Wal-Mart inside.

(Note to people currently scrolling down to the comments to tell us there’s not a Wal-Mart in the Duggars’ church: It’s a joke, bruh.)

There was a brief, tangential subplot in which Joseph Duggar proposed to Kendra Caldwell, but for the most part, this was Joy-Anna’s time to shine.

In fact, with its steadily declining ratings, the Duggar gals and their frequent weddings are pretty much the only things keeping Counting On afloat.

We won’t bother to point out the irony in a show about a deeply patriarchal family being rescued by a generation of women … or will we?

Anyway, throughout their relationship, Joy-Anna and Austin have bucked tradition, and they kept the very mild rebellion going on their wedding day.

Unlike those rumors about Joy-Anna and Austin breaking courtship rules, the latest rule violation wasn’t one that the Duggars were eager to sweep under the rug.

The couple proudly informed viewers that they threw supersition to the wind and laid eyes on one another before it was time to exchange vows:

“I guess there’s a tradition of not seeing the bride on the wedding day until it’s time to see her in her dress,” Austin told the camera.

“But Joy and I just do things different, and we needed to talk about some things and pray about some things, so we threw tradition out the window.”

Yeah, not too scandalous, but then, the Duggars are probably pretty tired of scandals these days. 

A nice act of incredibly innocuous insurrection probably gets a thumbs up from ol’ Jim Bob.

Heck, he might even split a non-alcoholic beer with the boy one of these days.

Watch Counting On online to relive Joy-Anna and Austin’s road to the altar.

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