Julia Roberts doesn’t make many tabloid headlines these days for a number of reasons.

For one thing, she’s a woman in Hollywood over the age of 40, which means she’s effectively invisible to most of the media.

But the biggest reason that you don’t see Julia’s famous smile while the clerk scans your groceries and you curse the man who invented the chip card is that she’s been living a life of quiet domesticity for the past 15 years.

Roberts married Danny Moder back in 2002, which means in Hollywood years, they’ve been together for roughly four centuries.

Rumors of Roberts and Moder getting divorced have surfaced now and then, but nothing ever came of them/

That’ll likely turn out to be the case with this latest round of speculation as well, but some anonymous “insiders” swear that the actress and her husband have been living separate lives for months.

Roberts was recently spotted eating dinner with friends, and apparently, for some folks that’s sufficient evidence that the couple is on the rocks.

According to the site Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Roberts and Moder are officially separated, but will not be legally ending their marriage any time in the near future:

“The last thing Julia wants is a very nasty and public divorce battle with Danny,” says one source.

“She has three children to protect along with a $250 million dollar fortune at stake.”

So her marriage is over but she’s planning to hide that fact from the public for the rest of her life?

How convenient for the tipster!

Pro tip: You can make whatever wild claims you want to about a celebrity’s life, so long as you also invent a reason for them to hide their divorce/addiction/affair/homosexuality a secret.

In this case, Julia doesn’t want a “public divorce battle” because it would be … bad for her reputation?

She’s already been divorced once, and this is 2017 – people really don’t care if celebrities decide to end their marriages.

As for the $250 million:

1. Hey, that figure is up from the last round of divorce rumors. Good for Julia!

2. There’s no way she married some regular-ass dude and didn’t make him sign a prenup.

She could cut Moder a check for one-tenth of her fortune, and both sides would be happy.

Hell, with that kind of cash, she could just have him “disappeared” and they’d never find the body.

Julia doesn’t strike us as the shrinking violet type.

We’re pretty sure that if she wanted this guy out of her life, he’d be out of her life.

Source: celebweddings