Last week, we reported that Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian are still hooking up, and Scott Disick is understandably less than thrilled about it. 

Now, it seems The Lord may have even more reason to drown his sorrows, as Kourtney and Justin are reportedly moving past the “friends with benefits” stage into a full-blown relationship.

A new report from Radar Online claims that Justin and Kourtney are essentially living together.

An insider tells the site that Scott is beyond pissed, which may help explain those recent rumors Kourtney’s alleged cocaine use and heavy drinking. 

Scott seems like the type to run to the tabloids when someone gets on his bad side.

Anyway, the Kourtney and Justin cohabiting scenario apparently developed gradually, but now sources are saying the couple shares a bed nearly every night.

“They even have matching toothbrushes at each other’s houses,” says the insider.

“They’re totally inseparable and people are beginning to wonder if it’s the real deal.”

The source adds that even when they’re not under the same roof, Kourtney and the Biebs act totally coupled-up:

“They’re constantly texting and calling when they’re apart, but when they’re in the same town, she’ll usually stay at his place if they go out, or he’ll be at hers.”

The matching toothbrushes are bad enough, but apparently what really has Disick distressed is the idea that Justin is replacing him as the father figure in his kids’ lives.

The source claims that Kourtney and Scott’s three kids think nothing of having breakfast with the Biebs, as having him around the house has “become a commonplace occurrence.”

Ouch. Coming on the heels of Kourtney shooting down Scott’s marriage proposal, this whole situation has gotta sting.

It’s one thing to be on the outs with your baby mama.

It’s quite another when it happens publicly and she replaces you with Justin Bieber.

Scott has yet to publicly comment on the situation, but we think we have an idea of how he’s coping.

There won’t be a safe bottle of whiskey anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area this weekend.

In fact, if you want to party with The Lord, you can probably just leave a cocktail on your porch and wait.

He’ll come sniffing around eventually. 

He always does.

Source: celebweddings