Kailyn Lowry might be ready to pop.

But she still isn’t ready to reveal the name of the man who fathered her third child.

Ever since the Teen Mom 2 star surprised fans via a blog entry that confirmed she was pregnant with yet another child, Internet users from coast to coast have asked the same thing…


To date, the candidates appear to be following individuals, with odds made up by The Hollywood Gossip in parenthesis:

  • Tyler Hill (15-1). A former classmate of Lowry’s at Delaware State University, little is known about Hill, other than the fact that he was rumored to have slept with Lowry back when she was married to Javi Marroquin.

According to his Instagram page, Tyler is an “aspiring actor/director/producer” and also a “college grad.”

  • JC Cueva (10-1). A producer on Teen Mom 2, Cueva would absolutely be fired if Kailyn confirmed the two slept together, let alone that he knocked her up. This would explain why Lowry has been so silent on the topic.

But Kailyn having the child of a Teen Mom 2 producer would simply be too good and too juicy to be true. We can’t let ourselves think this is really a possibilitiy.

  • Chris Lopez (5-1). A source claims that Kailyn is expecting the baby of a long-time “friend,” and Lopez fits this bill. Fans grew suspicious of him as the baby daddy after Lopez Tweeted about his “miracle child.

The Tweet has since been deleted, but not before Kailyn acknowledged the message via a “Favorite.”

Now, though, a Twitter user named Traci Ansley has raised another option.

She’s contacted Lowry to ask if some dude named “Cabrell” is responsible for the son or daughter growing in her womb?

And Kailyn wasted no time in setting this record straight, replying as follows:

Our research indicates that Cabrell is another student at Delaware State University, the same school from which Lowry is slated to graduate this coming May.

She’ll probably give birth around this same time.

Kailyn is yet to reveal her due date and says she’s waiting to find out the baby’s gender until he or she enters the world.

But that doesn’t mean the reality star is remaining completely silent on the issue.

Just yesterday, she shared a few sonogram photos on Instagram, writing as a caption how she “can’t wait” to be a mother again.

At what point will we learn the identity of her latest baby daddy?

It’s hard to say.

We can rule out Jo Rivera, with whom Kailyn shares a seven-year old son named Isaac.

And we can definitely rule out Marroquin, with whom Kailyn shares a three-year old son named Lincoln.

“People are asking her daily, dying to find out the name of the daddy and the gender of the baby,” a source tells In Touch Weekly, adding:

“She is simply not ready to share that information. The news will likely come out at some point, because the cameras will probably be rolling again soon.”

Ah, yes. Cameras.

So if you watch Teen Mom 2 online or on television, you’ll at least learn the baby daddy’s name at some point.

We’ll do all we can to uncover this piece of information in the meantime, but at least we can take comfort in knowing the secret can’t remain secret forever.

Source: celebweddings