Despite the fact that their marriage ended over a year ago, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin appeared on the latest season of Marriage Boot Camp, and as you might expect from a divorced couple participating in a bunch of bonding exercises, it got ugly in a hurry.

In one particularly brutal episode, Javi submitted to a lie detector test, in which he answered questions about his alleged infidelity in a way that might have been useful when he and Kail were still married.

Not surprisingly, it turned out Marroquin wasn’t completely faithful during his marriage to Lowry.

Equally unsurprising is the fact that Kail wasn’t too keen on hearing all the details of his cheating.

“I always knew but I really didn’t want it to be confirmed and definitely [not] the way that it was confirmed — hence my initial question on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” Kail recently told In Touch Weekly.

Yes, it seemed the question that Kail wanted answered was one that’s far more pertinent to her life post-Javi–namely, “Do you purposely try to prevent me from succeeding?” 

For obvious reasons, producers opted for the more scandalous query, which resulted in a situation where Kail had to stand there and listen to the truth about her ex-husband’s cheating in front of a full camera crew.

Fortunately, the mother of three is eager to put the past behind her.

“2017 broke me,” Kail tweeted, adding, “But we got this 2018.”

Lowry elaborated:

“Last year on NYE I came home from Denver and told [Bone Estrada] I was pregnant.”

These days, Kail seems to be in a much better place, and she’s actively documenting the struggles of being a single mother of three, not only for her fans, but also for the benefit of sons, so they might one day understand how much hardship she’s endured.

“So I started writing this book to lux… basically an apology letter to him… a letter to lux… now it’s a book to all 3 of my boys. And i can’t think of the perfect title,” Lowry tweeted yesterday.

Yes, it seems that even though she has no intention of collaborating with Javi on a pair of memoirs, as she’d once planned, Kailyn has no plans to stop cranking out bestsellers.

She recently announced that her eldest son, Isaac, will be illustrating a children’s book about the family’s pet French bulldog.

This new project is in addition to her other planned books, her new podcast, and of course, continuing to thrive as one of the resident fan favorites on Teen Mom 2.

No wonder she has no difficulty leaving Javi’s cheating in the past, where it belongs.

Needless to say, Ms. Lowry wasn’t lying when she said she’s got the new year on lock.

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Source: celebweddings