Every divorce is messy, but Kailyn Lowry’s is complicated by the fact that her two boys are both close with ex Javi Marroquin – even though only one of them is his son.

If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, then you know that Javi has become something of a father figure to Isaac, Kailyn’s son with Jo Rivera.

Unfortunately, as Kailyn and Javi’s divorce becomes increasingly ugly, the 7-year-old finds himself an unwitting pawn in a battle that he likely struggles to understand.

If you watched last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, then you may have been part of the social media backlash against former fan-favorite Kailyn.

It’s not just that Kailyn has been relentlessly cold in her pursuit of her own post-divorce agenda, it’s that she seems to have no problem using her kids to advance that agenda.

“Mom and Javi were fighting. I wasn’t okay,” a heartbroken Isaac says at one point.

“It’s not fair because do you know what my mom is doing? My mom is saying I can’t come with Javi to see his new house and he can bring Lincoln. It’s not fair,”

While Kailyn simply refused to film due to the drama, Javi took charge and did his best to comfort his siatraught sons.

“I’m going to speak to your mom. She’s a little upset,” Rivera assured Isaac.

“A lot of things are happening right now and it’s stressful and confusing. They might fight every now and then, but everything is going to work out and be okay.”

Javi then turned his attention to his own son, Lincoln: 

“He’s not going to live with you right now, but you’re still going to see him,” Marroquin said.

The situation is unquestionably an unfortunate one, but Javi’s handling of it has earned the newly-single dad mountains of praise on social media.

Many fans have expressed concerns that Kailyn won’t permit Javi to continue to have a relationship with Isaac, even though she stated that was one of her top priorities when they first decided to end their marriage.

Kailyn still claims that she wants Isaac and Javi to remain as close as they’ve been, but obviously, saying so and ensuring it through selfless action are to different things.

However, throughout her years on the show, Kailyn has shown herself to be one of the most devoted moms on TM2, and we have no doubt that once the dust begins to settle she’ll continue to make her kids’ happiness her top priority.

Source: celebweddings