It sort of feels like we’ve been awash in a sea of Kailyn Lowry drama for a very, very long time, doesn’t it?

Like for years now, we’ve been beaten mercilessly by waves of just really dumb, immature nonsense.

We have the sketchy timeline of her divorce from Javi Marroquin: when did they actually decide to split? Was it before he got home from overseas?

Was she dating other people while he was deployed, imagining a happy return to his family?

We also have the juiciest bit of drama in recent Teen Mom 2 history: when exactly did she become pregnant with her third baby?

Was it a planned pregnancy, like she’s claimed? Why would she plan to get pregnant with another man’s child while still legally married?

Basically nothing about Kailyn’s life makes sense these days, but we do know one thing for sure.

And that’s the fact that we keep hearing report after report about how she regrets how things went down with Javi.

According to one such report, she’s realized that her third baby’s father, Chris Lopez, isn’t all that interested in being a father — word is that he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby.

Meanwhile, despite Kailyn’s differences with Javi — and there are a whole lot of them — he’s always been an amazing dad.

So it makes sense that she’d be disappointed, right? After all, Jo Rivera, the father of her first child, is also a great dad, so she’s been lucky up until now.

She’s denied all these reports — earlier this month, she explained that “My ex is an ex for a reason.”

But still, a new source has given some statements to Hollywood Life, and it sounds like Kailyn may not be as done with Javi as she wants us to believe.

“Kailyn is so lonely right now,” the source reveals. “She’s scared about the future and really freaked out about raising a third child on her own.”

Yeah, that’s fair.

“She has started seriously missing Javi, and desperately wants to get back together with him,” the source continues.

Unfortunately, “Javi’s moved on though and has no intention of returning to Kailyn and all her drama.”

It’s true: he’s got a brand new soulmate that he’s been dating for all of two seconds, so he’s got no time for his ex-wife.

“He’s really happy now,” the source explains, “and as far as Javi’s concerned, he and Kailyn gave it a shot before and it failed miserably, so it’s not going to work again now, no matter how hard they try.

But there’s another tragic layer to this whole thing …

“Nobody thinks Kailyn’s still genuinely in love with Javi though, as much as she kids herself she is, it’s way more about wanting to feel secure and having someone there by her side, and that’s not a strong enough foundation to build a relationship on.”

The insider also says that since Kailyn doesn’t have the support of her parents right now either, she’s feeling extra alone.

As a reminder, “Her dad left when she was six, and her mom has struggled with alcoholism throughout most of Kailyn’s life.”

Honestly, it makes total sense that she’d be struggling right now, and since she and Javi have been getting along better lately, it also makes sense that she’d reach out to him.

But still, they never really had a good relationship, so we don’t imagine anything would be different now, with all these new and exciting issues.

Tough break, Kailyn.

Source: celebweddings