To say that Kailyn Lowry has had a complicated relationship with Chris Lopez would be a pretty big understatement.

Really, to call their relationship a disastrous, burning hot mess would even be an understatement.

Is there even a messier relationship on either of the Teen Mom shows?

Well, yes, absolutely there is, but this is still really, really bad, that’s what we’re trying to get across here.

Things started off well enough between Kailyn and Chris. They were classmates in college, and then they were friends, and then they were …

The timeline is a little confusing because they both go back and forth on their stories depending on how petty they want to be, but whether they were ever in a real relationship or not, they did have sex.

And that resulted in the supremely adorable little baby Lux.

During Kailyn’s pregnancy, Chris wasn’t around all that much, and she said that was because he was with another woman.

But when it was time for their son to be born, he was there, and we even saw him escort Kailyn and Lux home from the hospital.

A short while after that though, things were terrible again. There have been several rumors about him going for custody of Lux, and she’s also accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

Still, even though they’ve both been passive aggressive as hell through mountains and mountains of vague tweets and the like, neither one of them has ever taken the time to share the whole story,

But it looks like that’s about to change.

Yesterday, Kailyn took to Instagram to announce that she’s releasing a new book titled A Letter of Love.

“I’m so so so excited for this one,” she wrote. “Any & all moms will be able to relate to this. From the hardest of times to the happiest of days, it’s in here. Single moms, working moms, married, everyone.”

She’s obviously very excited about the release, but that’s sort of a broad summary, right?

Don’t worry — she also did an interview with Radar Online, and she went into much more detail about what the book will contain.

And if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, you probably will after hearing all this.

“The book was an apology letter to Lux for basically the mess he was born into and how bad I feel,” she explains in the interview.

“But now it’s to all three of them.”

“I feel bad,” she goes on, “and I’m nervous about how a lot of my decisions will impact them or affect them.”

“So I’m apologizing to all of them and I want them to know how much I love them and I’m working now to pick up the pieces.”

That’s actually kind of heartbreaking.

When Kailyn first announced her pregnancy, she insisted that she’d made the choice to get pregnant, that it wasn’t an accident at all.

And while we’re sure that she doesn’t regret getting pregnant at all — because then she wouldn’t have Lux — it obviously sounds like she’s regretting some of the choices she made during that time.

Watching the last season of Teen Mom 2, it’s clear that things were a little chaotic throughout her pregnancy, but what’s done is done, and it’s lovely that she’s doing what she needs to do to make the situation as positive as possible for her children.

We’re going to need that book soon, Kailyn!

Source: celebweddings