Back in in September of 2015, Kaley Cuoco filed for divorce from Ryan Sweeting after approximately 14 seconds of marriage.

The split didn’t come as much of a surprise, as Ryan was an unemployed tennis bro, and he and Kaley met shortly after her breakup with Henry Cavill, and dated for just a few months before getting married.

Thankfully, Kaley waited a little bit longer before rebounding from that debacle.

Since April, Kaley has been dating Karl Cook, a fellow equestrian with an oddly similar name.

(Cuoco means “cook” in Italian, which leads us to believe Kaley and Karl are just weeks away from finding out that they’re brother and sister.)

Apparently, these two have been zipping past all the usual relationship milestones at record speed.

Sources say they’re living together, and whenever possible, Kaley travels with Karl when he’s on the road for … horse stuff.

“They seem to be in a good spot right now,” an insider tells E!

“She is always traveling with him. It’s not as much her schedule but more so his. She never knows when she’s going to be in town because she goes whenever and wherever he goes.”

The source adds, “She is super smitten.”

Yes, it sounds as though things are getting serious.

And while this particular source didn’t use the m-word, there’s been talk of Kaley and Karl getting hitched in the past.

Of course, there’s marriage talk pretty much any time any celebrity dates someone, goes out to lunch with someone, or gets down on one knee to tie their shoe.

In this case, however, we’re inclined to believe it.

After all, Kaley has been eager to start a family for quite some time now, and she’s been gushing about Karl every time she gets the chance. 

“I finally found my horse guy,” which we assume is a reference to his favorite hobby, not to his endowment.

Frankly, we’re against this whole thing.

There’s nothing we love more than a solid portmanteau couple name, and Karley just does not work.

Sorry, guys.

Either one of you changes your name, or you call this thing a wrap.

Source: celebweddings