In November of last year, Kanye West was hospitalized after suffering an emotional breakdown.

The situation forced Kanye to cancel several tour dates, a necessary decision that cost several parties (including West) millions in revenue.

The tour was fully insured, but now, Radar Online is reporting that the insurance company is refusing to pay up, claiming that Kanye violated the terms of their agreement by engaging in heavy drinking and illegal drug use in the months prior to his breakdown.

Kanye is reportedly claiming that Lloyd’s of London is citing his marijuana use as their sole reason for backing out of the claim, but according to recently-filed court documents, there’s more to it than that.

“This Insurance does not cover any loss directly or indirectly arising out of, contributed to by, or resulting from the non-appearance at an Insured Event of any Insured Person due to: the possession or use of illegal drugs by an Insured Person, the effects on an Insured Person of prescription drugs when not taken as medically prescribed, the consumption of alcohol which renders and Insured Person(s) unfit to perform contracted duties,” reads a counterclaim filed by the company on August 29.

“The Insured’s or any Insured Person’s lack of care, diligence or prudent behavior, the result of which would increase the risk, and/or likelihood of a loss, hereunder.”

So from the sound of it, Lloyd’s is planning to argue that Kanye was not only using “Illegal drugs” (which may just refer to marijuana), he was also abusing prescription medications, and drinking so heavily that it interfered with his ability to make scheduled appearances.

Kanye’s breakdown already poked some holes in the carefully constructed facade of his marriage to Kim Kardashian, but in a way, it also served to humanize the couple.

We always knew their life couldn’t be as perfect as they tried to make it seem, so when they publicly endured a particularly brutal rough patch (Kanye’s hospitalization came on the heels of Kim being robbed at gunpoint in Paris.) they both earned the sympathy of fans and instantly became more relatable.

Public image is always at the forefront of the Kardashians’ minds, so it should come as no surprise that Kim weathered that storm with grace and ease.

However, if it turns out that Kanye’s breakdown was drug-fueled and that fact was carefully covered up, it may result in a scandal that even Kris Jenner can’t spin in her family’s favor.

Even Kanye’s biggest detractors would agree that for all of his flaws, the rapper has maintained an admirably honest relationship with the public.

If it turns out he was battling various substance abuse issues and disguising his struggles as a mental health issue, then that reputation will take a serious hit.

Kanye shouldn’t be shamed for struggling with addiction (if that’s really what’s going on here), but one of the perils of a career that’s based on candor with the public is that it doesn’t leave much room for secrets.’

And the insurance company who’s set to square off with Kanye in court is accusing him of keeping some very big secrets.

Source: celebweddings