Prince William and Kate Middleton have long been one of our favorite celebrity couples, but that doesn’t mean they don’t disagree at times.

In fact, the notion that the future King of England and his beautiful wife are so appreciably normal is a major reason for their wide appeal.

Case in point: The topic of trying for a third baby.

William and Kate, both 35, already have a perfect son and daughter together, so one could surely understand the urge to stop there …

… or the urge to triple down and go for the trifecta!

It appears the Duke and Duchess come down on opposite sides of this debate, and Kate’s even talked about the disagreement openly.

Can you guess which one of them wants another?

Royal author Phil Dampier tells celebrity news magazine Life & Style that Kate wasn’t shy about her views on the topic … or her husband’s:

“When I spoke to Kate at a reception about 18 months ago, she joked, ‘If I got pregnant again now, I think William would be out the door!'”

This isn’t the first rumor about Kate Middleton wanting a third baby … this month. Nor will it be the last, at the rate this is going.

During a recent event in Warsaw, Poland, on July 17, the mother of George, 4, and Charlotte, 2, raised eyebrows with another quote.

Middleton gushed that “we will just have to have more babies” when she was presented a stuffed animal designed to comfort newborns.

Unfortunately, Will doesn’t seem to agree.

“He’s quite happy with a boy and girl,” an insider says, while Kate, “coming from a family of three herself,” would “definitely like another child.”

The heir to the throne “feels they have enough on their plate already,” and not even Kate hiring a supernanny can change that calculus.

Hopefully they’ll come together on this during the royals’ marriage counseling and we’ll see Kate Middleton pregnant again before long.

What’s one more Will, honestly?

Meanwhile, William’s brother, Harry, is having relationship issues of his own with star of U.S. cable drama Suits Meghan Markle.

Reportedly, MegMar is getting cold feet when it comes to marriage … and none other than the gorgeous Duchess is to blame.

At least indirectly. In part.

“Meghan has told Harry that she doesn’t want to be like Kate. She wants to keep hold of her identity,” the source shared.

Unlike Middleton, “[Meghan has no interest in a] life of shaking hands, cutting ribbons, and kissing babies in public.”

The palace source added that the Spare understands, but he’s also trying to sell her on the upside of royal life (and not just untold wealth).

“Harry’s playing it smart. He’s being supportive while telling Meghan about the platform they would have to help millions of people around the world.”

For now, things are complicated and their future is up in the air, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to make it work.

“Meghan is absolutely in love with Harry and wants to have a life with him. Friends of the couple are sure love will win.”

Here’s hoping … #lovewins.

Source: celebweddings