There has been much speculation about whether Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz have parted ways, and we’re beginning to question what the hell is really going on with them behind closed doors. 

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you will know the couple has always had their issues, but they always manage to work them out.

Oddly, they don’t ever actually talk through their problems on the show. Instead, they opt to apologize and brush over the severity of their issues.

Unfortunately, that can only work for so long. 

Viewers have long questioned whether the duo would be able to sustain a marriage considering the extent of their arguments.

Even their friends have chimed in on the show with their take on the relationship. 

It was not pretty. Jax Taylor appeared to confirm the couple was over a few weeks back and that Tom had actually left WeHo. 

“Yeah he dipped out of the country he said f this and left. Apparently going on a poker tour was more important,” said Jax who responded to a fan’s question about the state of the relationship. 

Jax has always been someone who likes to stir the pot, so it would not surprise us in the slightest if he was just trying to create a storyline for the show’s upcoming sixth season. 

An insider has allegedly revealed to Radar that the couple is not in the best place right now. 

“Yes, they are together, but their relationship has definitely been riddled with issues,” an insider the insider begins.

“Katie doesn’t really trust Tom. Tom is a super flirt, and he flirts with other women right in front of her.”

While viewers seemed to think Katie was the one causing the issues due to her drunken rants, it was recently revealed that Tom had made out with a girl while he was in Las Vegas. 

He did deny it at first, but as is always the case with the cheating rumors on Vanderpump Rules, he later confessed that he did make out with the girl and that it meant nothing. 

We have no idea whether the couple will want to pull the plug on their marriage because it would probably taint the other couples on Vanderpump Rules. 

The couples don’t have the best track record on the reality series, and part of that is likely down to the persistent cheating rumors. 

Time will tell whether Tom and Katie will call off their marriage, but we won’t believe anything until we hear it from them. 

What do you think about all of this?

Source: celebweddings