Kelly Dodd has proven to be very impulsive during her time on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Whether she’s throwing shade or crazy rumors around about her cast mates, she makes for pretty good TV. 

But, there’s a whole new storyline headed her way that will make for some solid episodes of the Bravo reality TV series. That storyline involves her divorce from Michael Dodd. 

That’s right, you guys. Kelly is apparently divorcing Michael, and we are not entirely surprised. Their relationship has been all over the place since they married 11 years ago. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you will already know that their relationship has been a rocky road. While Kelly has a mouth on her that cannot help but say negative things about her co-stars, Michael is considerably more subdued. 

Maybe he knows there could be repercussions to everything he says because he’s aware everything he says could be edited by RHOC producers to construct a coherent (we kid) storyline. 

“Our marriage is over, I’m out of there!” Hurricane Kelly dished to the Daily Mail about the split. 

“We’ve had problems for years, and I’ve had enough, I’m done with our marriage.”

“We aren’t good together, maybe we’ll be better to each other when we are divorced and are friends,” she added.

“But right now we are both miserable, and it’s not good for either one of us, let alone our daughter.”

When you think about it, it’s not like they did not try. The duo was initially set to divorce back in 2012, but they mysteriously got back together before Kelly started filming with RHOC. 

But, the drama never really died down, and the police were called to the couple’s home six times in July after some very big arguments that had some people concerned. 

“I filed for divorce against Michael in 2012, and we never had any resolution the case is just sitting there. So I’m going to ask my attorney to file a motion so I can get a bifurcated divorce.”

“I want out of my marriage as soon as possible. We can figure out the financials of our divorce down the road,” said Dodd.

In any case, it seems like their relationship has seen better days and Kelly is now ready to get out before they get hurt some more. In fact, she’s trying to get a bifurcated divorce.

That would allow her to be legally divorced before the details have been finalized. Could this be a tactic to make sure she actually gets out of the marriage this time around?

Maybe she knows there’s a chance they could end up rekindling their relationship and the speedy divorce would probably make that more difficult. 

Kelly has been an utter delight on RHOC. Her witty comments and her no BS attitude have helped reinvigorate the series somewhat. She runs her mouth without thinking anything through, and that makes for TV gold in our eyes. 

It’s unclear whether the show is filming right now, or if there will be a miraculous time jump between seasons and a lengthy opening message from Kelly about what happened. 

Either way, we cannot wait to get all the details on the matter!

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