Kelly Clarkson is one of the most likable celebrities out there, so it comes as no surprise that she would go out of her way to help one fan with an epic proposal. 

Kelly performed in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, and a fan named Alex Malerba swiftly dropped down on one knee to propose to Justin Blake during a meet and greet with the singer. 

Asking the love of my life to marry me in front of the one and only @kellyclarkson was an amazing moment!!!! HE SAID YES,” Alex captioned to his followers on Instagram. 

Justin realized there was something more going on when he was taken to meet Kelly Clarkson backstage at the show. 

But nothing could prepare him for the love of his life proposing to him in the presence of one of their favorite artists. 

Malerba opened up to TooFab about the momentous occasion. 

Malerba told Kelly, “‘My boyfriend is out here, and I was planning on proposing to him, and I want you to help.'” And she was like, ‘You should have told me! I would have done it during the show, ‘ and I was like, ‘Well he’s out there. Can I go get him, and we can do that now?’ And she was like, ‘Yes we are gonna do it. We aren’t waiting another minute!'”

“And I just went running down to the end of the hallway, probably 50 feet away from me to get him and I was like, ‘Kelly wants to meet you.'”

This is a prime example of how much of a nice person Kelly is. She seemed ecstatic to help out, and may even be attending the wedding. 

Alex also said that he would love if she was the one to officiate the nuptials. Now that would be a great story to tell everyone. 

Who can honestly say they’ve had a celebrity officiate their wedding?

Few people, for sure. 

We have no idea whether Kelly will attend the event, but we’re sure Alex will keep the world updated via Instagram. 

What do you think about all of this?

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