Great news for people who love Kendra Wilkinson and/or people who love trashy reality shows full of shocking drama and scandal!

Kendra’s incredible reality show, Kendra on Top, is coming back for a brand new season next month!

And, much like the earlier seasons, this new one seems to have a specific theme: and that is the completely terrible relationship Kendra has with her mother, Patti.

We know, we know, Kendra is doing another show right now, Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family edition, in which she’s working on things with Patti.

But there are clearly enough issues to go around.

In the first trailer for the new season, we learn that Patti, who is always so desperate for attention and so devoid of any maternal instincts, is trying to release a tell-all.

And since Patti’s own story isn’t one that many people would care to hear, she’d actually be telling all about Kendra.

We see someone, perhaps a publisher, ask Patti if she knows any stories that would “devastate” Kendra, and Patti gives a great big twisted smile in response.

We see that Patti plans on writing about the cheating scandal that rocked Kendra’s marriage to Hank Baskett — and we also see Hank take it pretty hard.

“You should have told me!” he yells at Kendra. “I had to find out from someone else!”

And finally, we see Patti having a drink with friends, saying “Do you know how much money I could make?” as they all laugh with glee.

It’s all pretty tough to see, and we can’t imagine the full season will be any easier.

Check out the trailer in the video below:

Source: celebweddings