Back in May, we learned that the new season of Kendra on Top would focus on Kendra’s feud with her attention-starved mother.

The initial teaser for Season 6 of this WE TV reality series made it clear that Kendra’s sort of evil parent, Patti, was about to go public with a tell-all that would expose every detail of Kendra’s ongoing marital drama with Hank Baskett.

And we were right. 

We just didn’t know just how right.

The network has unveiled the first extended trailer for upcoming episodes… and sh-t is about to go down, people!

It’s about to hit the fan!

For real!

In the following preview, the drama escalates as Patti meets with a book publisher and then with some of her friends, talking about her plans to make lots of money off her daughter’s many issues.

The main topic at stake, once again, appears to be Hank Baskett’s alleged affair with a transgender model, the same topic this same show has managed to mine for multiple seasons now.

It’s really pretty impressive.

Will Patti, who recently appeared opposite her daughter on Marriage Boot Camp, really go there? Will she really write a book that brings up this taboo subject?

And that embarrasses both her child and her son-in-law?

All to make a little bit of cash?

This is the question the show wants us to ponder while we anticipate its return on Friday, June 23 at 10/9c.

Here is the official network synopsis:

After Kendra and Patti arrive home from Boot Camp, Patti gets serious about writing a tell-all book placing their tense relationship at risk.

Meanwhile, Kendra’s offered a racy starring role in Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man in Las Vegas, and when Hank’s not on board, she must decide whether to prioritize career or family.

Can Kendra find a common ground with her mom, who is also at odds with Hank, her dad, Eric, and his new wife, Amy? Will Patti reunite with her grandkids?

And here is the first official trailer:

Source: celebweddings