Is the divorce bell tolling for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett at last? According to a bombshell report, they are on thinner ice than ever.

A wild blowout fight has apparently rocked the couple’s already rocky marriage, and though exact details are unclear, it doesn’t look good.

Stunned onlookers spied the reality stars, who have two kids together, verbally sparring inside their vehicle at a California country club. 

“Their voices were raised,” said an eyewitness to the fight.

“It didn’t look like they were going to get out of the car.”

Ultimately, they did exit the vehicle and battled through an “icy” round of golf … and we’re not talking about Baskett’s poor short game.

“Kendra barely looks at Hank … there’s no touching, no affection when they don’t see a camera watching,” said a source close to her.

The dynamic is basically “Hank trying to please or appease Kendra,” but to no avail, as she’s so “cold and indifferent,” the source says.

After everything they’ve been through …

It was more than three years ago that transgender model Ava London gave Hank Baskett hand relief, or some version of manual masturbation.

His story has changed and we may never know the precise details, but it’s abundantly clear that he cheated on Wilkinson to some degree.

This was just weeks before she welcomed daughter Alijah Mary in May 2014. Their son, Hank IV, is seven; Kendra and Hank wed in 2009.

Did London grab Hank over the shorts? Did she get under the shorts? Did both of them get naked and climax together? It’s all unclear.

According to the model, this was no brief over-the-shorts fondling, and she wrote an open letter to Wilkinson urging her to ditch Baskett.

“Divorce Hank and save yourself from any further heartache,” London implored, but despite some serious misgivings, Kendra did not.

Wilkinson’s six-days-a-week Las Vegas comedy gig, titled “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man,” has further strained relations.

On a recent episode of Kendra on Top, Baskett wondered how the L.A.-based couple’s marriage would survive her working out of state.

Might it be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

It certainly can’t help, in light of not just the cheating allegations, but the fact that divorce rumors have dogged the couple for years.

It’s hard to work on a relationship when you’re not present. That’s a plain and simple fact, regardless of any handjobs from trans models.

Back in June, Wilkinson admitted that she thinks about cheating and said, “I’m a very sexual person, and sometimes temptation calls.”

Kendra is one horny motherf–ker. Her words.

Apparently, Wilkinson also confessed to friends that she has threatened Hank with divorce … at least five times and counting!

“She’s the breadwinner,” noted the insider close to the duo. “It’s all on her shoulders to keep the money train going, and it shows.”

“There’s some serious resentment there.”

Time will tell if it all gets to be too much.

Source: celebweddings