In June of last year, Kendra Wilkinson acknowledged how far she and Hank Baskett has come in their marriage.

On the occasion of their seventh wedding anniversary, the former Playboy centerfold jumped on Instagram and wrote the following:

“I remember playin a love trivia game at a lovers resort in the Poconos and they asked how long have you been married? Everyone was like 30years, they look at us n we laugh so hard n yell dating 7 months,” Kendra wrote.

She added at the time:

“Now it’s 7 years, just like that.”

While June 2016 marked the couple’s seven-year anniversary as husband and wife, Wilkinson wrote again today on social media in honor of having met Baskett nine years ago.

“9 years ago I met the person who would take me all the way to the top and hold me there even during the weakest times. We met that day out on the golf course and knew he was mine,” Kendra opened her post.

The 31-year old reality star continued:

“Even with little bump in the road, nothing or nobody can be greater or make me feel more successful than @hank_baskett.”

Forget little bumps on the road.

Hank and Kendra have faced ENORMOUS bumps along their romantic road.

The most significant, of course, took place in 2014 when Baskett was accused of jerking off a transgender model named Ava London.

Baskett himself eventually admitted that something inappropriate did go down between himself and London, although he told his wife it was more of an over-the-shorts-fondling kind of thing.

He said he was buying marijuana from London when she placed his hand on her crotch and he froze in shock for a few moments.

Really, this was Baskett’s side of the story.

But that’s all in the past, Kendra now wants to make clear.

“Imperfection is where great change and growth happens with us,” Kendra wrote in this latest tribute, oversharing by adding:

“We are true best friends who f— good, fight good, golf good, BBQ and drink beer good.

“Thank you Hank for being there on the golf course that day and being that shy guy. Thank u for my happiness and our children… here’s to eternity.”

Hank, who has two kids with Kendra, also used Instagram on Tuesday to remember the day that would change his life via a sweet throwback photo.

“In life you’re told to go with your gut. Well, 9 years ago I did just that,” he wrote.

“This day is special to me not because it’s my Pops birthday but it’s also the day this picture was taken, the day I met @kendra_wilkinson_baskett.

“I wasn’t going to attend the Playboy golf tournament because they said I couldn’t have Pops out to play with me and for his birthday I told him we were going to play golf.”

Concludes Hank:

I sit here 8 years later having it all, and by all I mean my family. Kendra, Lil Hank and Alijah. Had I skipped the tournament as planned who knows where I’d be.

Luckily a wise man told me to go play golf. Instead of just a day of golf I found a lifetime of love! Things happen for a reason and I’m eternally grateful they did that day! I love you bayba!!”

Here’s to at least nine more years for the couple!

Source: celebweddings