Khloe Kardashian didn’t just ring in the new year on Saturday night.

She also bumped, grinded and kissed in celebration of the calendar flipping to 2017.

Clearly psyched to end a year that saw her get divorced; her sister get robbed at gunpoint; and her brother-in-law get hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, Khloe was in a great mood on the night of December 31.

And she wasn’t alone.

As depicted in a number of Instagram photos, Khloe attended some kind of shindig with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, a power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers who has been powering his way into Khloe’s heart of late.

The two are spending a lot of time together.

“Happy New Year!!! May you always be surrounded by the love you are deserving of! May Gods blessings continue to rain on us all!” Khloe wrote as a caption to the image of her and Thompson dancing down below.

This marks one of the first time she has dropped the L-Bomb when talking about the NBA champion.

Khloe and Lamar Odom finally finalized their divorce just a few weeks ago, meaning it will just be a matter of time now before rumors heat up over when she may walk down the aisle with Thompson.

And when they might have a baby.

And whether they will land their own reality TV show.

You know, all the usual Kardashian dating/love/marriage/pregnancy chatter.

Kardashian and Thompson have been going strong for several months now.

Thus far, the latter has even managed to avoid the dreaded curse that often attaches itself to athletes who have sex with these sisters.

Reggie Bush saw his career fall apart shortly after he split from Kim Kardashian.

James Harden followed up an MVP-caliber campaign with a disappointing 2015-2016 season after he dated Khloe for the summer.

But Thompson is averaging 9.9 rebounds per game this season for a team that sits in first place in the Eastern Conference.

He is plowing through box-outs to crash the boards for LeBron James one day and then plowing the heck out of Khloe in bed the next day without any problems. Impressive stuff.

On Christmas day, the NBA star took to Instagram to share a cute shot of himself wearing a giant fur coat and Khloe in matching attire, writing at the time:

“Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from me and mines, to you and yours.”

Oh, yes, Khloe even went to Cleveland to celebrate the holidays with her man.

It really must be true love!

The 32-year old, who will star in Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian on E! (premiering on January 12!) recently took time to reflect on her year in an end-of-2016 blog post.

“It took me a long time to get here,” she wrote. “I feel like I’ve grown so much this year.”

How will her relationship with Thompson grow in 2017?

Will wedding bells ring or will he end up like one of the many (many!) athletic exes who simply came into the Kardashian lives and then left, worse for wear, not long afterward?

Check out this long list of men below and then send your best wishes to Khloe and Tristan.

We hope they make it! She deserves some happiness, don’t you think?

Source: celebweddings