Reports of Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy have been so widely circulated that, at this point, her conspicuous refusal to comment has largely been taken as an admission.

Like her pregnant baby sister Kylie Jenner, Khloe has been extremely shy about showing off her baby bump. 

But a new photo of Khlie is changing all of that.

Congratulations are totally in order.

This is a woman who struggled to conceive for years during her marriage and will now get to transition into motherhood.

By all accounts, Khloe and Tristan have a wonderful relationship.

She really must love the guy if she’s willing to not only spend so much time in Cleveland, but also pretend that she enjoys the place.

(That’s way above and beyond pretending to like a guy’s terrible music, because you’re literally uprooting your life for sizable chunks out of the year)

But, as we mentioned, Khloe has been shy about sharing her good news despite it now being common knowledge and confirmed by multiple reliable news sources.

We can only imagine that Kris Jenner has some big reveal planned for Kylie and Khloe and has urged them to hold off on any official confirmations until then.

But … Khloe’s still gotta sell her clothes, folks.

Khloe Kardashian posted the photo below without any of the pomp and circumstance that you’d associate with the first hint of a Kardashian baby bump.

“You guys are going to love our new @goodamerican velour sweats and velvet bodysuits!!”

That’s right, folks — she’s selling velour and velvet, which (for better or for worse) is in right now.

“You can mix and match colors (I’m obsessed with the burgundy!!) or team a bodysuit with matching sweats for a super cute look.”

Burgundy is a great color. We don’t know how many occasions really call for velvet bodysuits, but some people get cold during the winter months and don’t mind looking they’re wearing a one-piece bathing suit made out of the drapes from over a vampire’s bed.

Khloe has specific ideas about when people should wear these, too:

“These are SO comfy for the holidays. Available now on”

Translation: you can buy them for yourself or you can buy them for someone as a gift. Mentioning “for the holidays” is always code for “buy it as a gift!”

But Khloe has a gift of her own on the way, and in hawking her very fashionable velour, Khloe’s giving us all our first glimpse of the resulting baby bump:

So, this isn’t a classic “baby bump” photo, in that she’s not standing to emphasize what’s going on.

But look at her lower abdomen. There is a curve there, folks.

We’re definitely not body-shaming Khloe; this is woman who voluntarily wakes up at 6am every day in order to exercise.

(Most of us, were we millionaires, would never again see sunlight before 2pm)

Nobody thinks that this is Khloe being out of shape, because … the world has already heard that she’s pregnant.

This pose was clearly designed to minimize that baby bump, but they didn’t photoshop the curve of her lower abdomen out.

Which … could mean a couple of things.

This might mean that Khloe is just about ready to tell the world her good news. Maybe … after Thanksgiving?

(Honestly, how long is Tristan Thompson willing to put up with Kris Jenner’s publicity games?)

More likely, though, Khloe is using this bump to bring even more attention to the velvet and velour outfits that she’s hawking.

And … it’s not a bad strategy.

We’re talking about it, for sure.

Source: celebweddings