So just in case you haven’t noticed, Khloe Kardashian looks different than she did a few years ago.

Almost like an entirely different person.

Like, it’s actually a little alarming.

She’s said that she found refuge in working out when her marriage to Lamar Odom began to fall apart, and she’s lost quite a bit of weight.

After she lost the weight, she began toning up, and these days she really does have an amazing body.

Khloe’s obviously been paying special attention to her backside, which she’s claimed to have developed through lots and lots of squatting.

And we’re guessing she knows some secret workout to plump up her lips, too.

The point is that 2017 Khloe doesn’t resemble the Khloe we came to know all those years ago, and it’s more than a little odd.

And according to a Kardashian insider, it’s because she’s developed an “obsession” with plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, that obsession has allegedly gone “too far.”

The source claims that, among other things, Khloe has been getting lip fillers — not all that hard to believe, really.

But for her most recent round of fillers, something didn’t turn out as planned, and now she’s got a messed up mouth.

“Even Kylie freaked out when she saw her,” the source says, which is obviously a big deal.

You don’t want anyone to notice some botched lip fillers, but if Kylie Jenner thinks your lips look bad, that’s got to be a low blow.

Apparently Khloe has “gone from anti-surgery to one of the most surgery-obsessed in the family almost overnight.”

“She’s had everything done now and it’s starting to have a negative impact — it’s like her face is collapsing under the weight of the filler.”

The insider says that the situation is so serious that “She’s having to use a lot of filters on her selfies these days to hide her botched face.”

“Her lips look like they should be hanging off the side of a coral reef,” the source cruelly adds.

“You could rest a drink on that upper lip!”

Well, that seems a little uncalled for.

Even if Khloe has developed an obsession with plastic surgery, and even if that surgery has caused her to mess up her face, and yes, even if her face really is about to “collapse,” there’s no need to be so catty.

And that’s even if this is true — while she may have gotten some fillers, it seems hard to believe that she ruined her face so much that she’s relying on Instagram filters to make herself look normal.

Either way, Khloe, honey, just try leaving your face totally alone for a while.

Try it, you might like it!

Source: celebweddings