Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson sure have had quite the whirlwind romance, right?

But to be fair, it seems like Khloe doesn’t know how to do romance any other way.

After all, she married Lamar Odom a few weeks after meeting him, remember? So the fact that Khloe and Tristan have made it six months without a wedding is actually kind of impressive.

But though they’ve made it this far, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll take their time before getting married.

Because if we’re to believe the latest round of rumors (and all the rounds of rumors that have come before), an engagement will happen any minute now.

Maybe even this very weekend!

See, Khloe and Tristan are on vacation right now in Jamaica. We know because Khloe shared this photo of them together:

She captioned it “My love” with a heart emoji. Adorable, right?

And the beach they’re on looks absolutely gorgeous — a perfect spot for a proposal, we’d imagine.

It sounds like Khloe has imagined the same thing.

According to sources who spoke with Radar, she’s been “begging” Tristan to propose.

“Khloe already has the exact ring picked out,” an insider said, “as well as the jeweler, and Tristan knows this.”

But while Khloe seems so happy and so ready to take her relationship to the next level, her friends and family are reportedly not so psyched about it.

They’re concerned because a couple of months ago another woman gave birth to Tristan’s child, and, you know, that’s a lot to take in.

Another issue is that “Khloe is in Cleveland 90 percent of the time with him and she has completely ditched everyone.”

The source says that Khloe is “so desperate to get re-married and start a family. It seems like that is all that she wants!”

And, well, yeah. Khloe has made it clear for a long time now that she’s wanted to have a family.

She wants to have a baby so much that we’ve heard she plans on getting pregnant this year, “with or without a man.” It’s looking more and more like she’s going to have a partner in this though, huh?

If Khloe really is sure about Tristan, if she feels good about getting this serious this fast, then sure, a beautiful beach proposal this weekend would be great for her.

Let’s just hope that things never end as badly for Khloe and Tristan as they did with Khloe and Lamar.

Source: celebweddings