Khloe Kardashian looks great these days, right?

Sure she does — she’s built an entire new career for herself with that “revenge body” of hers.

It seems like all she talks about these days is how she used to be known as “the fat Kardashian” or “the ugly Kardashian” — neither of which were true, by the way.

She talks about those things, and about how she started working out when her marriage to Lamar Odom fell apart.

It’s all been very inspirational, and we’re happy that she feels good about herself.

… But really, are we not going to talk about how different she looks?

Take this photo, for instance, which was shared last night by her longtime hairstylist, Jen Atkin:

At first, you may zero in on her clothing in this pic, or the lack thereof. Which makes sense — she’s pulling a Kendall Jenner with those emojis to cover up her nipples, it’s pretty hard to miss.

But if you can manage to pull your eyes up towards her face … that’s when things get weird.

Many people are pointing out that she’s giving off some strong Jessica Rabbit vibes in this photo, which is fair. Boobs, red lips, it’s the whole thing.

The lips though, that’s where we’re getting hung up.

They’re just … they’re so big, aren’t they? Big enough that it looks like her facial muscles may be having a tough time holding them up.

At first glance, we might buy that she simply overlined her lips, that old family favorite. There does seem to be a tell-tale crease on her upper lip there.

But it seems like that might be an illusion carefully designed to draw attention away from the fact that Khloe’s lips may be about to bust. Literally.

(Can that happen? We’re scared to Google.)

Check out this little selfie that Khloe shared during the family’s recent vacation to Costa Rica:

Right?! That’s definitely not overlining.

Look, obviously we don’t know for sure if Khloe’s had lip injections or lip implants or whatever it is the kids are doing these days to their poor, defenseless lips.

And we won’t know unless she pulls a Kylie Jenner and gets real about it.

Like we said, we’re happy if she feels good about herself, but man, there’s no denying that the Khloe of yesteryear is gone for good.

Source: celebweddings