On the morning of October 3, a group of armed assailants broke into Kim Kardashian’s Paris apartment and stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry.

But a new report strongly implies that these criminals took something else as well.

They may very well have taken away the future of her marriage to Kanye West.

It’s been a few weeks since the Internet blew up with chatter over a rumored Kimye divorce, but the latest issue of In Touch Weekly once again brings up this possibility.

As you can see above, its cover screams that IT’S FINALLY OVER between Kardashian and West, with an anonymous source allegedly telling the tabloid that the infamous robbery in France last fall is to blame for the tandem’s downfall.

Specifically, this source says the way Kim has chosen to focus on it through new episodes of her family’s reality show has created a major divide between her and her husband.

(Go ahead and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online to catch up on Season 13 and see what we mean; the robbery is the show’s main storyline this spring.)

“[Kanye] told Kim her experience was personal and warned her, ‘Do not exploit this for ratings,’ but she did anyway,” a source close to the couple explains to In Touch, adding:

“[Kim] went directly against [Kanye’s] wishes and exposed every detail on camera. They had a huge fight, and he stormed out.” 

It’s been discussed online and in various tabloids for months that Kim and Kanye have faced marital issues ever since this terrible incident took place.

Kardashian, who believed she would be killed or raped during the break-in, is still traumatized by the event.

Back in November, meanwhile, not long after the attack on his wife, Kanye suffered some kind of nervous breakdown and had to be hospitalized for nine days.

Both superstars were therefore dealing with significant personal obstacles, making it difficult for them to rely on the other for support.

“Kim didn’t want to file while Kanye was having serious mental health problems, because that obviously would have been very tough for him to deal with,” the In Touch Weekly insider claims.

“[Now] Kim knows the time is finally right for her to leave Kanye. She’s been talking to her lawyer, and divorce papers have been drawn up.”

In the following clip from this Sunday’s new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim blasts Kanye as an “asshole” for one way in which he responded to her robbery:

The In Touch cover story claims that Kim and Kanye have been “living separate lives” for a long time now, an allegation the couple can’t seem to shake.

They haven’t appeared in public together very often since October, although Kardashian has clearly been making an attempt to prove everything is okay at home via an ongoing round of website photos.

“While she can’t stand the idea of being humiliated by yet another divorce, she doesn’t want to live in a broken marriage either, and she doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on pretending,” the tabloid writes.

It would have been easy at any point over the past few months for Kim or Kanye to come out and squash this divorce talk.

But neither star has issued any kind of statement.

We’re therefore left to wonder if a VERY expensive divorce really could be in the cards for the parents of little North West and even smaller Saint West.

Between Kim and Kanye, there’s around $300 million at stake, not to mention the well-being of their children and the issue of custody.

In other words: if you think the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce proceedings were drawn out (learn more about that crazy relationship below!), just you wait.

Any legal Kimye split would drag on for a very long time, likely turning personal and ugly and revealing for both sides.

We’re not sure if social media will be able to handle it.

But we may find out awfully soon.

Source: celebweddings