Tragically, there will be no Kardashian Christmas card this year.

Due to all the issues facing very members of this family family (from Kim’s robbery … to Kanye’s breakdown … to Rob and Chyna’s imaginary feuds), the stars simply didn’t have the time, patience or capacity to come together for a special holiday photo in 2016.

But at least Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are here to offer up a watered-down version of this Kardashian tradition.

The allegedly troubled couple has released a brand new picture of themselves and their two children.

We presume the photo was taken at Kris Jenner’s Christmas Eve gathering, although Kanye did not provide many details upon sharing it to his Instagram account.

The rapper simply wrote “Happy Holidays” as a caption and that was it.

But this is the first time he and Kim have posed together since West spent nine days in the hospital in November, following some kind of mental collapse.

As you can see, both North West and Saint West are decked out in black, while Kanye rocks his ugly blonde hair and Kardashian shows off a lot of cleavage.

In other images from this Kris-hosted event, Kim is actually wearing a lip ring.

We’re not kidding. See for yourself:

Kanye and Kim have remained eerily silent ever since both of them ran into severe personal issues; the latter when she was victimized by armed assailants in Paris in early October and the former when he was victimized by his own mind several weeks later.

Amidst this individual drama, there’s been drama surrounding both Kim and Kanye as well.

Specifically, there’s been constant talk on the Internet that they’re actually headed toward a divorce.

This may have seem inconceivable just a few months ago, but Kim’s trauma and Kanye’s response to it have supposedly driven the stars apart.

According to one recent report, Kardashian has already met with a divorce lawyer. YIKES!

“She really thought Kanye was her soul mate and is absolutely devastated,” a source allegedly has told In Touch Weekly, adding:

“But this isn’t what Kim signed up for when she married Kanye. She’s done.”

In addition to canceling the remainder of his Saint Pablo tour right before his hospitalization, a rep for Kanye recently confirmed that West will not be moving forward with European concerts, either.

The guy is clearly going through a lot.

And so is Kim.

And it appears as if neither side can relate well to the other.

Will this Christmas family photo do anything to quiet the divorce chatter? We doubt it.

The celebrities don’t exactly look happy together, do they?

All it would take is a simple statement from either Kim or Kanye (or, heck, a family member) to set the relationship record straight.

But this has not happened. We’ve been given no reason to think a break up really could be imminent.

And would that even be so stunning at this point?

Donald Trump was just elected President of the United States.

Prince, David Bowie, George Michael and Carrie Fisher all died this year.

T.I. and Tiny are headed for a divorce.

At this point, you can bring on nearly any story. We’re likely to believe it.

Source: celebweddings