Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just can’t seem to catch a break.

Sure, Kim has built a wildly successful career on basically nothing, and Kanye gets to call himself a fashion designer after taking t-shirts and ripping some holes in them.

They’re arguably one of the most famous couples in the country, and they’re unimaginably wealthy.

But still, times are hard.

Ever since Kanye’s breakdown in November, Kimye has been the subject of a whole mess of divorce rumors — that’s six solid months of bad news for this couple.

The main issue, according to several reports, was that both of them were going through very serious problems at the same time.

While Kim was dealing with the aftermath of getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris, things were getting very bad for Kanye mentally.

She allegedly felt like he wasn’t there to support her through her trauma because he was too busy dealing with his own demons, and it’s said to have taken a big toll on their relationship.

A source explained last month that “It was just one of those times where marriage is hard work, and you have to push through the pain.”

And while it seems like they’ve managed to push through so far, it turns out that everything may not be as it seems.

According to a source who spoke with Life & Style, things have been so bad for Kim and Kanye that they’ve already gone through a trial separation.

You know how Kanye hasn’t been in public all that much for the past few months?

He’s deleted his social media accounts, he skipped the Met Gala, and he really just hasn’t been seen at all.

“They want you to think that Kanye just needed a break from fame and Hollywood,” the insider claims.

And while that’s true, “he also wanted a break from Kim and his life with her.”

The story is that Kanye spent at least six weeks working on his new album in Wyoming while Kim continued living her life in L.A. with their two children, North and Saint.

It sounds like a continuation of their routine after Kanye was released from the hospital after his breakdown — remember, they reportedly kept two separate homes then, too.

But these days, Kanye is back with his family and “trying to make it work,” but “there are a lot of problems between them.”

“It’s an on-going struggle.”

Even though they’re struggling, Kim “really wants to give their marriage one more shot.”

“She hopes the trial separation will make them realize how much they do love each other.”

Yeah, here’s hoping, but unfortunately it seems like their marriage is still at an all-time low.

Pull through, Kimye.

Source: celebweddings