Remember a few months back, after Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint and Kanye West had his mental breakdown and there were a whole bunch of rumors about how they were getting divorced?

Yeah, it was a tough time in the world of Kimye.

But lately, Kim seems to be doing considerably better after her trauma, and Kanye is still taking plenty of time to himself.

So you’d think that things were good between them now, right? No divorce rumors, no rumors at all, really, so surely they’re fine.

According to a new report from People, that may not be the case. Not entirely, anyway.

A source close to Kanye claimed that “Kim and Kanye are in a great place” right now, and “They are just so happy. He’s doing really great.”

“They went through a really tough time there for awhile. It was really touch and go.”

“She was dealing with the robbery and all that came after,” the source explained, “and she felt like he wasn’t there for her. He was going through his issues around the holidays, and he felt like she wasn’t prioritizing him.”

And so “Things were just awful between the two of them, but also with both of them separately.”

“It was like for the first time, they just weren’t happy. I don’t think they were happy separately, and I know they weren’t happy together.”

It sounds like a tough time, but the source said that Kim kept telling Kanye that “if we can get through this, we’ll be stronger than ever.”

“They never fell out of love with each other, but it was just one of those times where marriage is hard work, and you have to push through the pain.”

Apparently they both went through moments when they wondered if it was worth it to keep struggling, “But the answer was always ‘Yes, this is worth it.’ So they both chose to fight.”

The source, who seemed to be extremely chatty, theorized that it was like Kim and Kanye “were dangling on a rope off a cliff, and they used every single thing they had to find solid ground.”

“They clawed their way back to somewhere a lot more healthy, and they’re still clawing their way back. There are good days and there are bad days.”

So while they obviously love each other and are fighting for their relationship, “If they called and said it was over, it wouldn’t come out of the blue.”

“But on the other hand, it wouldn’t shock me if the two of them are still married in 20 years. Their chances are way better now than they used to be.”

Meanwhile, a source close to Kim explained that “She’s really focused on what’s ahead, in her work and in her marriage.”

“She and Kanye have been able to process things and move past them and are very ready for what’s next and not be so focused on the mess that was last year.”

So from both sides of the fence, it seems like things are looking good for them, but they’re not out of the divorce woods yet.

Here’s hoping they’re able to continue working on their marriage, because … come on, do you really want to live in a world with either of these people single again?

Source: celebweddings