Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have gone through more than their share of rough patches in the past year.

Beginning around the time Kim got robbed at gunpoint in Paris, the couple seemed to make tabloid headlines once a week due to a succession of speed bumps in their marriage. 

The low point seems to have come when Kanye was hospitalized following an emotional breakdown.

The emergency forced West to cancel several tour dates, a move that caused the rapper to take a serious financial hit.

Currently, Kanye is involved in a messy lawsuit with the company that insured his tour, and legal experts say the outlook is bleak for the rapper.

West’s financial troubles are well-documented, and coupled with the loss of tour funds, the expected counter-suit from Lloyd’s of London could leave him on the brink of financial ruin.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that Kim is taking steps to ensure that if Kanye goes down, he won’t bring the whole family with him.

According to Radar Online, Kim has requested the Kanye sign a “mid-nuptial” agreement in order to ensure that 

“They have a tentative arrangement in place, but it’s still a grey area if one of them incurs debts or lawsuits during the marriage,” says an insider close to the couple.

“Kim wants it all ironed out and water tight, so she isn’t responsible for any of Kanye’s problems in the even they divorce.”

Sources say the despite appearances to the contrary, this is not a matter of Kim being petty.

Rather, the mother of two is simply looking out for herself and her children.

After all, being twice-divorced, Kim is likely all too aware of the various ways in which a marriage can fall apart – and how financially disastrous the fallout can be.

“Kim wants him to do something about the hole in his bank balance, but in the meantime, it’s all about protecting herself,” says one insider.

“If Kanye doesn’t comply, she will have no option but to initiate divorce proceedings again.”

Sounds like Kim wants to ensure her husband won’t be engaging in any gold-digging.

If only there were a song that Kanye could turn to for lyrics that address this very topic.

Source: celebweddings