Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been having a rough time lately.

Maybe you heard about it.

Kim was traumatized after being robbed at gunpoint, and Kanye was traumatized by having to be strong for her.

He had a nervous breakdown, she had to put her stress on hold to care for him as he was hospitalized and then, horror of all horrors, as he made friends with Donald Trump.

So it just makes sense that for the past several weeks now, we’ve heard oodles and oodles of rumors that the Kimye marriage was all but dead.

According to some reports, Kim and Kanye’s marriage was failing before his breakdown, and that their relationship issues were actually what caused him snap.

A source said that Kanye freaked out hard after the robbery because “the mere thought of his wife being taken from him was too much.”

“It was like his mother’s death.”

“Seeing Kim close to death did a major number on him,” says the insider close to the troubled rapper. “It sent him into a tailspin.”

It didn’t help that Kim spent weeks lying low at home while Kanye was on tour, ranting and raving about anything and everything.

Other reports claim that the divorce talk began after the breakdown, because Kanye “became a totally different person than the man that Kim married.”

“She is and always has been in love with Kanye,” a source stated, “but she just does not love the things that he is doing right now.”

“Kim is done babysitting him when she already has two kids to take care of.”

And that brings us to the latest divorce rumor … the one that would have us believe that soon, Kim will have even more kids to take care of.

Because nothing saves a marriage quite like a baby, right? That tried and true adage has never been proven false, even a little bit.

A new report from Radar claims, however, that it’s very much happening, as “Kim is really trying hard to have another baby.”

Sure, sounds great.

As this insider tells it, “Kanye’s issues have been terrible for Kim to deal with. She is trying to keep her marriage from falling apart.”

“She has been getting a lot of treatments,” says the insider.

“She is taking care of herself so she can get pregnant again.”

Wait, hasn’t Kim had a massive amount of issues with pregnancy? Didn’t she once say that another pregnancy could kill her?

Still, the source says that “Kim will do anything to get back to normal. She loves kids, would love to have more and so she’s trying.”

“Everything else is up to God.”

Yeah, to really drive that previous point home, Kris Jenner once told Kim that if she got pregnant for a third time, she could “bleed to death.”

Doctors have repeatedly offered a similar assessment.

Another pregnancy is a terrible idea, they say, that she simply shouldn’t try; Kim has talked about the possibility of having more kids through a surrogate.

If you believe this report, though, she’s considering going about it the old-fashioned way again, which begs the obvious question:

Would Kim really risk her life for a totally misguided attempt to save her marriage, which would likely be strained even further by this?

Crazier things have happened, we suppose.

Source: celebweddings